Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



A lot of the labourers , taximen or salesmen do that, throw the trash where they ate.


I’m sitting near a dog park watching dogs and owners play.

I see a car pull up with a guy driving and a girl gets out of the passenger seat with a dog on a leash. Her top is halfway open in the back with her bra showing and she’s hurriedly trying to close it up. Ok I guess whatever.

She then walks past the dog park gate entrance and gets into her car and drives off.

Could be nothing or maybe my mind is working overtime.


A reason to get a dog?


“Where the F have YOU been?!”

Walking the dog…


Making statistics about hospital check-ups according to your astrological sign of the zodiac.

‘Scorpios are the most likely to visit Cheng Ching Hospital in Taichung for health checkups, the hospital’s Executive Health Management Center said on Monday.’



Or people born between October 23 – November 22… it’s random distribution.

Irresponsible comments and irresponsible reporting.

Witch doctor says “Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces — the zodiac signs associated with water — are the most attentive to their health, followed by the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius; and the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, he added.”


“Fearing checkups because they might uncover health problems is irrational and dangerous, he added.”

Yes, because we wouldn’t want anyone to be irrational now, would we. I think it’s Aries that are the most irrational.

I understand that they’re trying to generate publicity in order to encourage more health checks, but it’s such a dumb ass way of doing it.


Very slow news day. I had to dig last week´s news.


Winter attire In Taiwan!


Also heavy rain attire.


It’s because that is on the blue line! Don’t you know blue means cold? :wink:



More than one reason Taipei doesn’t have many trash cans.


It’s why Taipei needs more than one trash can per district.


I guess they don’t have many trash cans because they want people to pay for trash disposal.


Most of that stuff is food to go. People should not have to eat in parks and benches on the run, if they take it to the office dispose it there, if in a vehicle, same, or carry it home.

We can save a lot in garbage by carrying a thermos. Food container is more difficult but in summary, less garbage and more reusable stuff is good for the environment and not more garbage cans.


Some people really don’t care about how they dress in public, no pride.


Are those white socks really dirty, or is it just the filter you used?


The editing made them dirtier!


I have those sandals. Really comfy…to do housework. Maybe walk the dog around the neighborhood. But I have discovered that the lousier you dress, the greater the chances of meeting someone you know.


This seems to be the law in the universe