Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Frozen berries at the organic stores. Belnd with yogurt and freeze in summer. Yummy.


When buying my lunch today:
Lady: You must have a girlfriend here
Me: erm nope
Lady: Really? But I’ve seen you walking up and down the street with a girl with long hair. She’s not your girlfriend? Really?




And here I was thinking I was the only white in the village


Dude, you’re thinking with the wrong brain. She is trying to see if you’re single so she can jump into your pants. Even if she’s obosan material.


Idk what obosan material is but she is like 50 years old and dont swing that way


only way to enter the Big Game is to start at the Single-A level, build up your batting average.
If age is an issue, start chatting up betel nut girls.


Where, exactly, is this lunch place?


someone’s horny. …


Well, if @Uncreativeusername is gonna pass up this obvious hint, someone else should certainly step up and take a swing.


I got the impression you don’t swing at all.


That’s obosan.


Bit hungover so stumbled out to get coffee and a snack at 10am

Went to my local Family Mart, which has a huge sit-down area with about 20 seats. Every seat was taken by people playing with their phones or reading newspapers. No one seems to be eating or drinking.

Go to Starbucks, again every seat is taken. Most seem to be students studying. One woman was eatng her breakfast from a homemade lunchbox. One of the tables is just bags with no one sitting there.

Reluctantly go to McDonalds, and… It’s full of old people drinking tea from flasks. None of them are eating McDonalds food. At least I got a seat in the end.


More running for no reason. Is it something subconscious engrained in brain?

People sitting in Starbucks, study, read, talk, sleep, doing nothing on a Sunday afternoon. Then they get up, run to the door or toilet or get napkin, then run back to seat, continue doing nothing. What the hell is the running for???


Taiwan needs more places to sit down


Starting with the toilets :joy:


I never go to Starbucks or McDonalds but it is usually the same in MOS burger where I live.


I posted already that you could basically live and work in a convenience store, cheap drinks, restrooms, free newspapers sometimes, snacks, 24h!


Taiwan is whack and crazy. I’ll look forward to returning but it’s too hot and air polluted. I’m a slut now in the PNW. But I still love the yak ya’ll barf up about TW. It was fun while I was there. I’ll dodge PNW rednecks just fine. A trip back from time to time will be great but I don’t need to live there yet. Beitou rules!