Wack Things in Taiwan 2020

Probably less red food color. I don’t judge a hot dog by it’s color, I judge a hot dog individually.

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That’s what Xi said.


Treatment of animals here generally is wack.

Here in Tainan we get frequent low overflights by jet fighters in VERY tight formation…

Could be because they don’t have much scramble-time with the PLAAF being so close.

\Or it could just be that otherwise they can’t see each other.

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Do you think they mail things to each other?


Yes, but probably has to go to a sorting facility in Kaohsiung first.


They tend to fly in pairs. It’s the same thing out of Taichung . Their level of operations across the island is pretty crazy and it’s been like that for years.

What the actual fuck?


Anything goes in Taiwan, unless it’s normal good food. Next big thing they will add offal to the mix. Intestine topped pizza!

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that article also shows that another variety of pizza had duck blood pudding and stinky tofu. Now THAT’S truuuuuly fucked up.


There’s way too much special K going around at Pizza Hut Taiwan.

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“duck blood and stinky tofu”…

Hope Italy does not hear about this. It may lead to war.


Baby on chest, no helmet or protection, jacket on arms in front restricting arm movement.


Makes you wish for a having-a-child-license

They can not call this pizza, it’s just a baked flour disc.

Tattoo on ankle.

You really think us Italians…Italians are going to go to war for that? Italians, the same laid back ones who have an almost three hour lunch in the work day on top of the extra hour or two to sit down and sip a cappuccino in the morning? Those Italians?


Well, if it is insulting enough…

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