Wack Things in Taiwan 2022

You mean with the corn soup chips? You just blew my mind.


No! Wait… :thinking:

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Not corn ice cream–I don’t eat that. But corn soup ice cream? Soft serve?

Holy crap it’s at Family Mart. I will report

It also appears to be Japanese. “Anything Japanese is good”

I assure you the faux fruit flavoured ice creams at Family Mart are . . . not great.

If they have the verhona chocolate however . . . :yum:


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I maintain a strong vow not to buy ice cream at convenience stores. For this, I will make an exception, however.

I miss corn ice cream so bad.

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Ha, I have not heard that one I must say. No Asian stores near you?

Yeah, I’ve never even heard that from an Asian person. Interesting.

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Saw a guy talking on phone, and I think smoking too, on this windowsill:

It’s wide and only second floor, but still wack.

I don’t get it.

He was outside the window. Like Mr. Anderson in The Matrix.

My neighbors in the building next door have their Indonesian slave outside on the windowsill cleaning the windows. 15th floor.


Report to police.


Do you really think they give a fuck?

Of course not, they’re replaceable subhumans to them.

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Did anyone see candidate 5 on the 市長 ballot? In the education section: kindergarten. Is this some sort of parody of Taiwan’s obsession with formal qualifications? Or am I projecting? Either way, seems a little flippant.


I just had my corn ice cream and it’s actually great! It’s not sweet (it is even a bit salty) and it tastes creamy :yum:


Salty?! No way.
I guess we have different palates.

Maybe, but is definitely not sweet.