Wack Things in Taiwan 2022

Does this count as wack? Found this at my barber shop. The first line threw me off as being out of place for a second but then got a good laugh out of it.


This is fine.



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Just saw this “vanilla chicken protein bar” at 7-11

The translation is wack, not the product itself. (義式香草 should be Italian herbs, but I’ll give Google Translate some slack because 香草 is vanilla)


What’s the deal with referring to meat as “protein”? I mean, it’s been common for a while now, but what’s wrong with just calling it meat?

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Sounds more tolerable to those on the veganism fence?

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I booked a day off today, just to have a day off. And really, splitting the work week in half makes it so good. Just an extra day in the middle to relax and go out, makes it just two days before a break instead of five.

Why’s this a whack thing?

Because there is absolutely zero chance of Taiwan bringing ina four day work week. The bosses here would gladly have us on the Phillipino domestic worker one sunday off a month schedule if they could.

I mean, they hate us having a four day weekend, sucking the fun out of it by making us work the Saturday before.


The office Karen keeps turning the big portable AC unit down because “it’s too loud”

Put some fucking headphones on then, you scrotum.


Slavoj Zizek in the Taipei Times! How wack is that? :rofl:


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um … not very?

I have no idea what he’s rambling on about, but it’s not that unusual for newspapers to carry articles from academics and think-tanks.

Surreal experience in the breakfast shop this morning. I’m confused by the entire interaction.

I collect my post - mostly bills to be paid at 7-11 - and sit down to have my breakfast. I put my post on the table.

After breakfast I realize that my post is missing. I spend 5 minutes looking around before asking the staff. They are very confused. Eventually, one member of staff admits to taking it…and proceeds to grill me.

“Are you sure this is you?”
“Yes, that is my name and address. You can see both.”
He then asks me in English - “When did you receive this?”
“I don’t know, this morning, why are you asking me?”
“Oh…okay…”, shiftily and nervously returns my post as if I am attempting some kind of elaborate scam. Not even a bu hao yisi to be heard!


You are a nicer person than me. He wanted to stop you paying bills on other people’s behalf.


The number of people still wearing masks in their own cars. It’s especially weird when it’s a couple. Like they don’t breathe in each others’ faces outside the car?


Follow the rules. Must follow the rules.

Those are the old rules.

All I heard was rules.


Italian dried herb mix from Carrefour.

Ingredients: oregano leaves, basil leaves, rosemary leaves, lychees, chili peppers, Malan qin, coriander leaves

Please put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible after opening, and eat it as soon as possible

In my old place someone came by one day with the fattest raccoon i’ve ever seen in my life in a cage, just sitting outside. It was so cute and mildly alarming. Fortunately it wasn’t too hot. It was around for a few days, and was also inside the lobby in its cage a lot of the time where it wasn’t too hot. Never knew why or wtf was going on.

Lol, It would be nice to have 9 to 5 or 9 to 4:30. Mandatory pay break. People working in offices will be more efficient.

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At Watsons…

Buy 1, get 1 free bar soap. However, there was only 1 bar on the shelf. I asked the clerk if there were any more in the store. No.

I asked the clerk if the Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale was still on. Yes.

I asked if I could pay $110 for 1 bar of soap since that’s all they had left. No, I must pay $220.

I asked if I could pay $220 and get a rain check for the “Get 1 Free” bar when it’s in stock. No.

Please help me understand: Isn’t what I asked reasonable?


That bar of soap must remain on the shelf forever, to ensure that the staff can engage in that conversation over and over and thereby justify their existence.


What kind of soap costs NT$220 a bar to begin with? Does it have gold flecks in it or something?