Wack Things in Taiwan 2023

The 7-11s in my area of Taoyuan have slurpees, but I swear the machines are always broken as soon as summer starts :man_shrugging:

I know they had them in Taiwan for a time but I never expect to actually get slurpees. It’s like trying to get McFlurry in the US, ice machine is always broken.

I think some companies who make the machine make the machine break easily because a large part of their revenue is from the service calls… in the case of McDonalds they were making 300 dollars per call, and that’s assuming they find nothing wrong with the machine or something they can fix with a software patch…

Greed literally hurts customers.

I remember Slurpees in Taipei until the mid-90s.

I always instantly become vegetarian for that day whenever anyone invites me to eat intestines, stinky tofu, or coagulated blood.

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All 7-11s used to have slurpees. I never noticed they were gone. I guess Family Mart’s soft serves killed it.

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First time I’ve heard about a dead person being kidnapped… :thinking:

Well, there was Eva Peron, but no ransom was involved…

Upon further research, it appears the same thing happened to Charlie Chaplin.

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Just saw a lady with a T-shirt saying “I serve myself rat poison”…


In an interesting twist, scholars say this creature has been identified as the wrong species. Furthermore, it might have heavy metals.

Anyways, they are happy this dish has sparked the curiosity of people in their marine environment. :woozy_face:


These things, including crabs and shrimps, are basically cockroaches of the sea. The reason they are not kosher for jews is because they eat trash in the sea, basically scavengers. So if there’s any toxin in the sea they eat it and concentrate it. And if you eat it you’re eating whatever they ate.

Actually, that bit has generated a lot of compassion for these poor creatures; don’t eat them, it is too cruel, they are doing an important job.

I’m not a huge fan of seafood except for fish. Fish is kosher, everything else is not.

I feel like there probably isn’t much of a difference between exactly which species of giant isopod you put on top of your bowl of noodles. I doubt that one is delicious whereas the other is gross.

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Thanks for ruining memories of a great dinner last night at Le Blanc.


Came the closest yet to being knocked off my bicycle because of some stupid bastard.

Cycling along, about to turn left, in the lefthand side of the road, left arm out to indicate I am turning–as you should.

As soon as the turn appears and I start to turn the stupid bastard on a moped behind me decides that THAT is the moment to overtake me. Her wingmirrors actually clipped my arm. If I turned half a second earlier, she’d have hit me full on in the side.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch up with the halfwit as she went through the light further down the road just before it changed to red. Or maybe luckily—because I was absolutely fucking livid. I dropped a dozen f-bombs just swearing into the void after the stupid moron. God knows what I’d have said to her if I did catch up, but I’d have definitely fallen afoul of Taiwan’s public insult law.

Clearly she just wanted to beat the light rather than wait until I turned. Literally–if I turned a half a second earlier, she’d have hit me on the side and knocked me flying.


Glad u r alright, if understandably upset/shook up. As u said, coulda been much worse, in 2 ways at least.
key points to focus on:

  1. u r ok!
  2. u didnt get urself sued fro public insult, as ud probably lose
  3. who knows what else coulda happened if u caught “her”? Foreign male vs local female doesnt seem like it would end well.
    Best wishes, have a beer or 2 and relax
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Taiwan’s stupidest rule.
Some people just deserve to be called a numbnut. If you don’t want to be insulted, don’t drive like a pillock.


Not to worry. You didn’t exist to her in the first place, so your appropriate C.U.Next.Tuesday rant didn’t happen in her world.


One of the worst thing about living in Taiwan is not having an online shop, like Amazon, that offers product reviews.

Recently I had to buy a backpack, an Ipad case, and a computer cable online. You basically have to take a gamble on which item on PCHome is good, because there are no reviews. All of my items turned out to be cheap Chinese garbage. Yes it’s possible to return items, but that’s just extra hassle.

Also Shopee offers reviews, but they’re generally for the seller and not the product - so they’re typically all positive.


If you’re turning left, why would she pass you from the left instead of the right? Was she directly behind you prior to overtaking you?

I’ve gotten into the habit of literally riding on the double yellow lines when I’m about to make a left turn on a bicycle, so nobody can pass me from the left.