Wack Things in Taiwan 2023

That kind of tree grows back really fast though. It probably makes the most sense

I have been doing that recently at the inlaws. Got a bit of criticism initially but I have started a trend when the cold win blew!

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I would say they just do what is easiest and quickest. They did this to every single tree on a nearby avenue too. Those trees are even worse off.

You could say that, or you could say most efficient. Look back in a couple of months.


Yes this is hobbit land, and no you’re not the only one seeing it as odd. It’s my yearly go to post and pictures.

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Fair enough I will.

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Jerking off at 300km/h is the new fad? Maybe orgasms come faster?

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Thats called pruning.
Those trees grow huge if you dont cut them back. They will grow back just fine and quickly.


230ish km/hour

This is the first time I have ever been moved to post, even read, this thread. However, the most wack thing probably ever happened to me in Taipei City last night.

I had spent the day out shopping and returned home about sundown. The weather felt great, a chill in the air but crisp and enjoyable. I decided not to waste it. Grabbed a beer and went to a big, pretty well known park in Taipei City to sit and soak it in, especially as Taipei is still a little quieter than usual here in LNT.

I was really enjoying listening to music in my earphones when, just as I was getting to the last sip of my beer a guy walks up to me on the bench I was sitting on and stops in directly front of me.

Then comes the wack part. He starts speaking in weak English and motioning that he has no food and needs money. The guy was roughly 50, well dressed and groomed, not looking remotely homeless or anything, wearing a warm down vest for the weather.

Being from New York City I am acutely attuned for when something like this happens. When I don’t want to talk to a local on the street I just say I can’t speak Chinese in English. This time as I was being addressed in English I said I don’t speak English in English (It was my first, kind of stunned reaction, realized later it was an odd tactic.) The guy kept going on so I next said sorry I can’t hear you and pointed to my earphones. This did not deter him so I picked up my stuff and walked away, not entirely unconcerned he might follow me with a fruit knife. Thankfully he continued on his original path in the opposite direction of me.

All I could think of for the next few minutes was “That was f**ked up!”

Only once before, a few years ago, in broad daylight, did a woman say to me she hadn’t eaten and held her hand out. That was in another park not far from last night’s. We had both been walking towards each other and I just muttered something and kept walking. She seemed to maybe have mental problems.

But the guy last night was just so far out of the realm of my experience in Taiwan. Later I wondered if he might have lost all his money playing Mahjong and the other players kicked him out or something. I really couldn’t think of another explanation. What in the world was this well dressed, middle aged guy doing in the park asking for money?

Really, one of the nice things about living in Taipei is that this almost never happens. I sincerely hope it doesn’t again.

“That was f**ked up!”


Sun? Where?

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At least they didn’t anonymize the foreign name in the format some Taiwanese hospitals use – “J**frey James Miller” or whatever.


I have a sneaking suspicion the name is “Li” or “Lin” and that’s the reason they did it.

That’s why I always carry a spare sandwich, just in case.

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And yet, I assure you from the experience at work/school, there are people who keep at it in spite of signs to the contrary…


‘A 75-year-old American man arrived in Taiwan from San Francisco this morning (26th) and transferred to Cebu. However, when his luggage was checked by the Taoist Airline, the X-ray machine detected items that looked like bullets.’

Taoist Airline?

Are you in the Wanhua area? During CNY homeless people don’t have families to go back to so they are more obvious, plus with less people around in general. I saw a big bunch of them waiting for food in a local park in Miaoli was honestly quite shocking and a bit heartbreaking cos its been so cold this week. One of them said hello to me with a big smile :grinning:. I gave him a big hello back and he was chuffed.
Some of them had their bedding there so they were sleeping in that freezing park during CNY too.
I used to get approached regularly for money in Taoyuan but not in Taipei .


Even more heartbreaking is the vans with elderly people in wheelchairs making it home or being dropped in groups at the local resthomes. So it is either there were sent away while the family vacationed or taken home just for the holidays. :cry:

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Ridiculous wasteful packaging of oranges. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one bruise before.


No, more central Taipei. If it happened around Wanhua I wouldn’t have been as surprised. That area can be sketchy and you see homeless people near the temple. I sometimes see homeless people living under the highway overpasses. Never had one approach me though.

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