Wack Things in Taiwan 2023

Weird, the Chinese is “桃機”. I can understand how they would have trouble getting “Taoyuan Airport” out of that, but not sure how they came up with Taoist Airline. My Google Translate attempt resulted in a “Taoji” transliteration.

Unless you throw out the oranges and keep the boxes for upcycling.

CNY gifts, fruit or otherwise, are always wrapped up extra carefully.

And…welcome to Asia…certainly not unique to Taiwan. So many snacks across asia are individually wrapped. Just buy anything in Japan.


You mean you think he’s Taiwanese American, but the writer of the article chose to focus on the foreign bit rather than the Taiwanese bit?

Could be somebody who lost all their money gambling. Maybe was thrown out on the street. It’s possible he genuinely had no money for food. Never know. I generally refuse beggars too though.

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And more, some gamble away their house.

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First of all, no one just accidentally leaves ammo in their luggage so it’s obviously a smuggling attempt. I’d guess they could pass as local, let’s say. I was thinking more that the writer followed the convention for Chinese-language surnames with the knowledge that the person was of Han ethnicity, for whatever reason. But, I could well be wrong at any point here, hence my initial question.

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UDN advertising pop-up

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Yeah, that was the only explanation I could think of. Lots of people lose big on mahjong this time of year. But you would think he had somebody he could call. Weird.

Gamblers eventually run out of family and friends they can tap. Also could be a shame thing.

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Well, it sounds weird to me, but Americans gonna American…

The Philippines sounds like an odd place for it to be worthwhile trying to smuggle small amounts of ammo to, though. I thought gun ownership is pretty high there. Especially if you’re passing through a strict country like Taiwan on the way.

Yes, very good point. I wonder if he picked me because I’m a foreigner for just that reason. I watched him walk away for a few seconds but didn’t see him approach anyone else.

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Hmm transiting to the Philippines, I missed that. That would be another story, yes. Though it was his carry-on I think. I wonder if they tracked him around the airport or anything. I always find it hard to believe people do such things, but I’m not a hunter etc.

During my first few years I would grab my board and go skating with some folks at this nice park in Shilin. It was always late at night and with the TPE heat and humidity we would eventually end up without shirts. Probably the second time we were there a friend’s board flew into the bushes and we he retrieved it there was a guy with pants down to his ankles spanking it.

After that we noticed that he was there doing the same thing every time we were there. We stopped going to that spot until cooler times, thinking that if we were fully clothed and it was cold he wouldn’t be there. Nope he was there every single time doing the same thing.

Nothing like I would see while doing the same in a big city in the West, but wasn’t expected here. We still get good laughs out of that chap.


Maybe somebody bought him or donated some nice clothes for Lunar New Year

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USA some places it’s nearly more common to find a bullet laying around in a bag than a stray coin.


228? Maybe the food bit was just an ice breaker…


I was just thinking that half of the life decisions of Taiwanese for 2023 were made this week at temples by throwing two blocks of wood on the ground…and all the fortunes won lately were due to winners waving their lotto tickets above the smoke in a large incense urn.


I was just thinking about this possibility. Not exactly the best conversation starter though…

Yeah 228 park and unwanted male propositions. Lol. Had quite a few odd skating encounters around there as well. All good fun.