Wack Things in Taiwan 2024

Thousands of dumped mattresses have piled up in central Taiwan. Local government data shows an average of 6,000 mattresses have been thrown away in the area every month this year.

Taiwanese people throw away 650,000 metric tons of food waste each year, enough to fill Taipei’s tallest skyscraper 10,000 times. School lunches are partly to blame.


But, but, they changed the svastica for a GS stylized as a svastica. So, I suggest you the following changes 白色可怕 Scooter Shop and 二二七+1 Fried Chicken.

By the way, I took a better photo later.


Big truck covered by LED screens driving 20km/h all day and evening around Neihu yesterday.
Got stuck in a line of cars behind it for 5 min.

I’m sure the response to the advertisements will be very positive. /s


There’s one adjacent to the Shanshuilu “Ecological Park” on the Nangang side of 109. You can see the lovely park and the mattresses it is built upon in the same view from the top of the hill. :smiley:


I’ve seen similar trucks if not the same truck all over Taipei in the last few years. Huge mobile adverts. I didn’t notice them driving particularly slow though, or holding up traffic. Still is kind of a nuisance.

Japanese soldiers in WW2 was so bad, even Nazis were horrified.

Same shit showed up in Banqiao recently. How are these even legal??? Easy violation that should be easily taken care of. I’ve officially lost any hope that any traffic related rules will change for the better. Not even this low hanging fruit can be taken care of ffs.

Mostly Japanese? Then why does the sign say German? :idunno:

That just adds to the wack. Check it out:

+886 2 8787 2161

德國兵團重車館 - Google Search

German army?

Maybe your shops (hopefully one on each side of the German Soldiers (?) shop) can put this sign up:


Haha, 東亞病夫 brand tissues for cleaning up after eating that fried chicken. I’m on it!

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Maybe make one of those cheesy tv ads with a cute jingle.

Corner monsters from Carnage out to mourn it’s passing?

Where’s the pool?

Taiwanese give a crap about Brahma?

Man in Longtan, Taoyuan uses an excavator to destroy his car after an argument with his wife.


When are you going to get rid of that car? You said you would sort it last week. You always say one thing and do another. It is annoying. ×1000


Happy now?


Any chance of getting one of these dances when I’m alive, rather than a corpse?


“Keep Promise” manga starring Ko Wenje :joy:
I hope this never gets an anime.

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