Wack Things in Taiwan (part 3)

I think this should be in a thread entitled ‘Whack things foreigners do in Taiwan’ ( I’m assuming your friend is a foreigner).

There’s also far too many places where an exit slip-road is located about 10m past the end of an entry one. It causes complete havoc even in relatively light traffic with cars trying to merge in from either side. The freeways here were designed by idiots.

Yeah the place where you exit the 1 and then rejoin the slip road again to get off on Chongqing N Rd always makes my head spin.

My friend is Taiwanese. He started looking at the cars on the highway (as I sometimes do to judge my speed needed to get on the highway) as he approached the area that the car was stopped. I think he simply saw the car (not noticing that the car was completely stationary) and glanced away…which did not give him enough time to react upon seeing the car stopped. There was also a slight curve leading to the area which played into this situation as well. If he was driving slower and did not look away he probably could have stopped in time. Of course, if the car did not stop right in middle of road so close to highway…no accident. I hope the driver gets some kind of fine…how can you just park your car on purpose to block traffic for your friends’ cars to drive by? This is a real danger to others.

getting my haircut is whack …my stylist is lazy, but acts like she can do a good haircut in her sleep. sometimes i walk out with a good haircut but i think its purely by luck as yesterday i got the worst haircut ever. won’t be returning. now on to the task of finding another english speaking hairdresser that wont give me a pudding bowl.

Check this thread, unless the hairdresser you mentioned are the one(s) on this thread…

Police determined accident was the fault of parked car.

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Which makes sense

When local people ask me how old I am, I’m going to start adding 13 years so they say “Hey, you’re looking great!”

Guy’s mistress tells him to kill his wife and kids or else they are over. He does it while live streaming. What’s even more f-ed up is judge doesn’t give him death penalty because “he didn’t do it on purpose”

Not even sure if this can be considered whack, but more like f-ed up beyond belief.

I swear, judges here have to go on a special training course where they learn how to shut down any unwanted bursts of logic or reason that their brains might inadvertently throw up during court cases.

The police don’t make the determination of fault in an accident in Taiwan.

A lovely bilingual door at a bakery in Danshui (quite nicely decorated place actually). One side, 推 and “Push”. On the other side, 拉 and, yes, “Push”.

Actually they will define the party at fault, they just won’t charge anyone for it.

Why not bring a picture with you? Then you just need to know how to say “good” or “a little bit shorter”, no big deal :slight_smile:

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Not based on my experience on Monday morning this week when I got hit when stopped at a traffic light. The police may give their opinion however the insurance companies decide fault and liability and if they don’t agree it goes to arbitration/court for a decision. The police simply gather “evidence”. It’s a somewhat surreal experience dealing with the seemingly limitless incompetence and route rule following. Some of very many of the bizarre parts of the experience;

  1. At the scene I had to describe the weather to the cop who is standing beside me as it had to be in my opinion and not his.
  2. I had to give my opinion to the cop standing beside me on whether or not the traffic light we are both looking at was functioning correctly.
  3. I was carrying “cargo”, childs stroller in the trunk, so it had to be taken out to check the weight in order to determine if the cars handling could have been effected…I was *&^%ing stopped at traffic light when I was hit, 10 ton of lead wouldn’t have had an effect.
  4. Had to describe why I had not taken out my warning triangle which was in the trunk and placed it 3 meters behind my vehicle…em, because there was a &^%#ing Camry there. The Camry driver didn’t have a triangle so he didn’t need to give an explanation:open_mouth:

The other driver freely admitted he was trying to control the 2 (unbelted) kids in the back of his car and wasn’t paying attention to the road. Still needs the insurance companies to decide fault and he didn’t get charged with anything anyway.

The real kicker is that nothing happens insurance wise until he informs his insurance company he had an accident. If he didn’t then I was basically S.O.O.L. until my insurance company got around to taking him to court which would take a “long time”. Can’t repair your vehicle until his insurance company checks and agrees with the quotation either, so you could be storing a wreck for years if the other driver wanted to be an ass.

Yeah, sorry for my presumptive phrasing, I should have said “I have seen them define the party at fault”

A lady sitting outside in an open air hot springs wearing a sun hat while using an umbrella.

Yeah that’s mental. I was recently at a beach laughing at some mainland Chinese ladies. They were doing some snorkeling, wearing a full wetsuit (water was about 26degC) and life jacket, and carrying an umbrella which they put up everytime they stopped swimming.

Ok. That tops mine. Using an umbrella while snorkeling seems pretty whack.