Waddlethon - Girl Streaming Her Walk Across Taiwan

She is gonna make one hell of a grandma one day

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9:00 a.m. boob talk in 7-Eleven.

Those box salads are awesome.


Lunch time talking about her boobs again, comparing the size of men dicks from around the world, and dancing in restaurant. :see_no_evil:

Someone asked if she could be his mom.

Quality entertainment.

Girl from Korea on the Waddlethon was winning the hearts of Taiwan.

This HK Singapore girl is trying to win the dicks of Taiwan.

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Couldn’t be that, its completely normal for Taiwan.

… ok i just saw the pic of her in a restaurant.
Yea that is pretty shameless even for a streamer. She’s literally wearing a bra, in a public restaurant and dancing for money in it.

At least do it in your room, or somewhere private. She deserves that egg for that. Slapper.

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She’s livestreaming herself getting a massage. Riveting stuff.

And yet, here we are.


The post introducing the live streamer was #210 in the thread. I’m now writing #263 I think. We’re certainly giving a lot of attention to someone we’re mostly suggesting isn’t worth much attention.

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Meh, this thread is getting a modicum of my attention. This slapper chick far less.

I’m hoping local coppers run a prostitution sting on her. Just to be sure she isn’t breaking the law, measuring willies and all.

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I think it’s safe to say that this is now a scam

Kiaarakitty is on day 6 of her “21-day walk across Taiwan”, and she’s still in Kaoxiong - exactly where she started.

She’s given up on walking and instead fills the time with clickbait such as swimming, massages, and eating food in a bra. She’s currently having hotpot.
Yeh we should just stop following this girl.


I just drop in every hour or two out of morbid curiosity… and distract my mind from the dull Chinese holiday activities.

The restaurant staffed asked her in English if she needed an English menu when she came in fully speaking in Chinese.

She’s been talking about her ministration and periods and replacing her tampons all week, today going into detail about every time she goes to the bathroom and replaces her tampon.

Talking about her vagina today and apologizing because she said “I usually show more boobs”.

It’s a bit of a shame this is what her content devolved into. I’d watched her stream a bit about 6 - 7 years ago during my Twitch watching phase. This was long before the breast implants and sexualized content. Her stream used to actually be pretty funny and the chat was hilarious. Unfortunately, like a lot of other similar streamers, she discovered that sex sells.

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How so? How are you being scammed?

I’m only following this thread.

What are your expectations? Seriously.

I went to a restaurant and some girl was taking video of herself eating and her boyfriend was just sitting there taking it.


Fuck these narcissistic sociopaths. As in fuck off, not fuck them fuck them. :laughing:


You’ve been following her that long?
You’re way ahead of @tango42 , and that’s saying something in regards to this type of thread.


She lost a phone today on the train in Chiayi.

She prayed to the gods and said “would suck a Taiwanese dick” if she finds her phone.

Phone found.

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Phones found: 1

Dicks sucked: probably still zero

Classy classy broad.




Well well well


The investigators tracked him on the Mass Rapid Transit system and managed to locate his residence, where they told him on Feb. 11 to come in for questioning.

They put more effort into than most things lmao.