Wait 35 Days To Get a Driver's License? Is It Enforced?

My California License got lost somewhere during my move to Taiwan, so I’m left only holding a paper copy of my license. I’m going to try submitting it, but would be shocked if Taichung DMV actually accept it. So do I really have to apply for a Taiwanese license as if I was a first-time driver?

Auto Checkers http://actaiwan.com/licences.php says I need 35 days of training, but I think 2 hours at a driving school is all I need to pass the driving test. There must be a way around this 35 day waiting period! How do I avoid waiting so long!

Unfortunately, you need a valid driver’s license. Try the paper copy and cowtow aplenty. They may cut you a break. Good luck.

If you have a foreign license then the waiting period is waived. I would just turn up at the DMV testing place and not even mention the photo part of your license, just insist that is your license and the waiting period should be waived. I did the same thing with a UK learner’s permit (expired as well).

I don’t think you would get an exchange with just the paper license though.