Waiting on the other


I saw another topic similar to this one but the last post was from 2012, hence this post.
I recently went on dates with 3 different taiwanese girls (I’m a dude) and every time, I end up waiting for them for 20-35 minutes. Is this something I should expect in dates/relationships, or have I just gotten unlucky? I understand every person is different, but I’m wondering if there’s a cultural norm here of the guy waiting on the girl that I should be aware of.


Relax. You’ll be glad you did.

Culturally, depends on the person. If she has a daytime job then probably on time or close unless delayed.

If she doesn’t work because she doesn’t need to, then she may take her time.

Showing up late is good, helps the guy prepare, get the seat, welcome… and the girl can do advance reconnaissance through a variety of methods and decide if she wants to proceed.


Bring a book and order a beer while you wait. Punctuality standards differ by country and then again by person.


I think there’s a difference between being 5-10 mins late and being half an hour late as OP described. That would annoy me and make me think my date wasn’t into me.


Just make sure that you never rock up late. That’s not allowed.


Hear. I personally had too many instances of the girl not showing up or being outrageously late, both in Taiwan and elsewhere. So now I set up my first dates at a coffee shop or bar 15 min away from home; I text her one hour before, asking what she’s up to; if she doesn’t reply I don’t leave home; if she replies, I wait at the venue 30 min max, then text her I’m moving on with my day, no matter what she says.

Honestly that’s way better in terms of self-respect and saving yourself the trouble of worrying how long you’ll wait. Plus, if you send the message that your time is more important than waiting for a first date that makes a great impression, cause girls never meet men who have that much self-respect. They then ask for another date and show up on time :sunglasses:


Unless the person makes a conscious effort to let you know they’re late and seem to have some sort of remorse like a normal human being would for making someone wait i would probably leave around the 20-30min mark. Time various on the girls hotness and how bad I want to get laid.




Yes, yes you are a dude, you stud muffin you.


Of course. Otherwise his handle would have been “tigressninjawoman.”


Well, in your case…


Good tactic. Weed out some, let others know you’re not a pushover, yet respectful enough to give them a heads-up. I have many friends that can’t get their shit together. I politely tell them I’ll catch up with them next time.


same here anything over 10 mins with no call and apology is a reflection of her life skills , it will only get worse.


They can’t be on time because you are one in five dudes each of them is dating with.

Use those 30 minutes wisely and buy some condoms.


In my case, I’d get a furious call from my wife asking why I’m going on dates with random women regardless of how punctual they are.


Newlyweds, that’s cute.
Mine would only get sore if it turned out I was paying.


I would not wait for more than perhaps 5-10 minutes. When my wife is late more than 5-10 minutes, I leave.


I was really upset once at a girl for being 40 minutes late on our first official date. We basically never saw each other again because of my stupid-ness.

I’ve always regretted it. She was and is amazing until this day, but now… I only know her from a distance.


Maybe she looks or even she’s better from the distance. Just saying…


Kind of unrelated, but the title of this thread “Waiting on the other” sounds like a LOST episode more than it does a relationship thread.