Waiting on the other


I get fidgets if I am going to be merely on time. I hate being late.

11 years in, my >.5 has become very attuned to this foible of mine and is rarely anything but early.

Perhaps she doesn’t like when I DWF. (Driving with Fidgets)




Ya, still counting in years, not decades.


I was thinking more like the title of a lecture on postcolonial drama.


It’s normal to wait for like 5-15min.
Unless you’re well acquainted with that person and have gone out for many times already, then it’s a general no to wait half an hour on the first date.

Were they Tinder dates though?
Maybe those girls were checking u out with other girlfriends from afar and discussing whether they should come out from hiding to give u a try.


Thanks for the replies, everyone! Sounds like I’ve been thinking about it right, knowing this isn’t normal I’ll start to leave around the 20 minute mark (esp. if they’re not replying or apologizing)