Waitrons - stop being so damn unfriendly!

The place : The Taven
The date : Saturday night
The event : SA Day
The incident : Nasty waitress shouts and swears at customer for not jumping out of her way.
Customer’s defence : The room was PACKED with people.
Conclusion : Waiters are WRONG, customers are RIGHT!
What is your opinion?

I’d take my 20 pot night elsewhere 8)

Why didn’t you make this into a poll? Or are we not allowed to do that?

This attitude stems from that shown by the owner. Michel does not give a damn about his customers, other than the real regulars. Just ask Maoman ( i think ) how they screwed up his last Xmas do.

Best way is for us all to vote with our feet and never go back, there other places that show sports.

BTW, Michel is also now managing O’Ginny’s now that the previous owner is living in Canada, and some of his old staff are being sent across there, so that will probably go the same way.

Yeah, Michel is a boor, alright. :imp: :unamused: Click here for the original thread about the Tavern.

Guess what, besides the management and staff being rude, The Tavern also managed to rip us off on Saturday! The buffet which cost $290 pp was supposed to have the following : Chicken Sosatie, Steak, Boerewors, Buffalo wings, Grilled Tomatoes, King Prawns, Braai Bread, Mixed salad, Potato Salad, Garlic Loaf, Cheese cake and Fruit.
Steak (small), Sausage (which can NOT be described as Boerewors), King prawns on a stick, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Processed Cheese and bread.
HELLO!!! We were ripped off!!!
I won’t be going there again to be ripped off, insulted by a waitress and have to wait in line for their cesspool which they call a toilet.

Yeah - its complete shite, there… get yerself down the to the Q Bar instead.