Walking on the street

Recently, walking on the street in Taipei I did an experiment. I was wondering about the Taiwanese who walk on the street (not sidewalk, there are not many sidewalks on the streets in Taipei). If I was walking in the same direction as the traffic, right side of the street, most Taiwanese (male and female) tend walk also right, means they tried to cross my way in order to get a safer position, means the wanted me to walk left and pass me left (from their point of view). I mean if you walk I am trying to pass at the right side. It’s just polite, even if it’s a bit dangerous.

Why is that so? Only in Taiwan I can see this. Is it because of the traffic and the road conditions (no sidewalks and dangerous traffic) or/and it’s because there is a cultural difference, no rules? On the streets I am alone, because as a Taiwanese I don’t know all the other on the street, means I have no relationship with them (guanxi). Can ignore everybody…

My head just exploded.

:bravo: :bravo: :notworthy: :notworthy:

I get what he means. They should pass him on the “outside” closer to the oncoming traffic, becuase they can see the cars coming.

But the mistake our new friend makes here is assuming that they are even aware of the traffic, much less himself. :wink:

If you do your experiment in the nude I can guarantee that you will end up in the Apple Daily…Jia Yo!!!