No pun intended but I did lose my wallet a few weeks ago >_< (…and I’m also running out of left over hong bao’s to hold my stuff in :blush: ).

Looking for something low-key but decent – not too cheap, not too expensive, or fancy. Fashion name brands ok but something in the $3000NT range or so would be fine. Leather or ballistic nylon material ok… not into zippers or Velcro but must have plenty of card holders…

Need help with brands, types, specialty shops (if any), etc… or just where to find some decent wallets (no night markets please).

Thx in advance!

I would try the big department stores, my so bought me a really nice Pierre Cardin wallet, with 2 photo card holders (big enough for ARC), lots of card pockets and 2 note sections.

Not sure where she got it or how much it cost,

I have a great black leather wallet from Muji. Can’t remember what I paid but it can’t have been that expensive.

Soft leather, loads of space/pockets and no decoration or names on it.

Thx for the quick replies!

Stuart… an s.o. eh? Sounds like a great idea – I need me one of those! Your’s sounds pretty perfect to me btw…
Buttercup… I’ll check that out – thx!

More ideas welcome please :slight_smile:

edit: Stuart… the wallet I meant. :laughing:

I am looking for a wallet for a birthday gift.
Does anyone have the Montblanc wallet?
How’s it?
any suggstion ?

I love my Nautica wallet. Simple, black, pimp.

You can find my wallet stuffed with cash under the 3rd seat on the left on the number 12 bus.

[quote=“wisher”]I am looking for a wallet for a birthday gift.
Does anyone have the Montblanc wallet?
How’s it?
any suggstion ?

There is a Montblanc shop on the 1st floor of the new Sogo (Zhongxiao / Fuxing). Wallets were in the 9K range.

Well my wallet has Velcro and zips, but I love it. I always used standard sized bum pocket wallets and my last was an LV brand, but my new one is a no brander and is a shoulder bag style from an outdoor shop. It has room for my phone, two sets of keys, loads of cards, a place for notes and a zip closed coin bag. Finally the wife doesn’t moan at me for off loading all my extra clumpy bits into her handbag, and I also never have to forget one of the three essentials, keys, money and phone. I just have to remember to always put them back in my shoulder bag every time I have finished with them. Wehey! I have fixed the problem with my terrible memory and found a way of carrying about 50 name cards of restaurants, shops and people at the same time. And no, everyone tells me it doesn’t look too gay at all. Anyway what do I care? I’m not available anyway!

Went a bit nuts and ended up ordering a Prada.

In the meantime, I got another one from a Japanese company – Porter International model# “SQUARE 11083-00101” (ll-porter.com/index.htm). Pretty good stuff for $2650NT imo… black ballistic nylon, plenty of card holders, simple, pretty much what I was looking for. Nice little backup wallet for the cash only days. :smiley:

Easiest places to find them are at E’slites (Hsinyi and Dunhua, not inside the bookstore… but the stores in the same building).

I’ve bought a number of Cowa wallets as gifts over the years. They last and last. They can be found at Eslite.

I have a nice handmade leather wallet which has been replaced by my current fave the Jimi http://www.thejimi.com/. Not fancy but works well for me.

Here are a few others I like: J Fold, couture & Casino by Porter, JFold Loungemaster, DB Clay, and the Kyono View Slimmy.

Most of these are bought online as I prefer to shop that way but I have seen Porter at the Eslite in Taipei and there is a small shop on Dongda Rd. in Hsinchu.