Wan Fang Hospital massage

If anyone is interested, Wan Fang Hospital has two blind masseurs (actually a masseur and a masseuse) working monday to friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-12 pm. No appointment neccessary though you may have to wait a little if it’s busy. Went there yesterday and had a 20 minute head, neck, shoulders and back massage for $200NT. Ten minutes is $100NT. You can specify (within the realm of decency) where you want massaged. You are not in a private room though. You just sit on a massage chair at the back of a crowded waiting room and get your massage.

Wan Fang hospital is one of the MRT stops on the Brown line (to Mucha Zoo).

They usually have several of these people working the payment and prescription room at Chang Kung hospital on Dunhua North Road.

Good, good. Anyone else know any hospitals that have massage services? Or drop in places like this? Personally I liked going to the hospital as one, it was a quick massage, two, it was cheap, and three, I could communicate with the people there in simple Mandarin. It’s also very convenient to get to.

Mackay Hospital (cnr. MinSheng and ZhingShan Nth Rd’s) also provides this service, again, at a cost… though I’ve been known to offer the same service - closer to downtown Taipei and with a significant discount - to various compliant, pretty xiaojies! :wink:

The Big Babou

That explains a lot.