Wang Jin Ping and Ma Ying Jeou Get Drunk

Last night at some KMT party Wang and Ma both got sloshed downing Wine mixed with whiskey mix. I saw it on the news today with the before and afters hahaha I must say Its quite funny, Ma before he drinks and after he drinks is hilarious!Maybe not a positive for the public image, but I mean honestly everyone’s got to have some fun sometimes :wink:

Wine and whiskey? That’s gotta hurt the next morning.

why not Taiwan beer?

cuz they wanted to get drunk before the elections arrive, not after.


stupid fingers working slower than brain…forgot to type “get”

cuz they wanted to drunk before the elections arrive, not after.[/quote]whats that supposed to eat?? English?

What I can’t wait for is the “A-Bian and Annette Lu High On 138 Betel Nuts Each” thread.

You can watch the video here with some commentary.

If Al Gore was like that in 2000, all drunk like a party pooper, he would be president today.