Wanker New Security at my Community Building

I have been here 5 years and been through 4 security firms. Each one gets progressily worse.
Last week they changed again. They even published and distributed a new set of rules/regs. From know on, all non residents will have to sign in and deposit their ID.
How the FUCKING hell do they know who lives here. I have friends that see me almost nightly. How do they know who my friends are? Tonight was the topper. The power went out for about 10 minutes. I looked out the window and this building was the only building with the lights out. Cooincidence? I doubt it. This is the new firm telling everybody “we are great because we got your power on quickly”. If you are so great, why didnt I know it was going out beforehand. The old company did. I lost some valuable work over this and it will NOT NOT go unpunished. I will meet with my landlord who owns a good portion of this building on the morrow. She and he will hear my opinion.
Ya, I understand that there are power outages occasionally. So are water outages. I have ALWAY been warned about it beforehand. Now, I get an isolated incident of power outage without notice. FUCK that! I am going to raise hell. If this new firm is “So Great” why didn’t I know?
DAMN! I complain to the Taiwan SO and it’s just like the old Japanese style of, well, the government saw fit"/ Fuck that. I want them out of here and a new competent firm estabished.
OK. Rant over. . . . . .But fuck.

If you dont want to lose important work do what I do and put an online UPS system on your pc. They aren’t that expensive and are worth their weight when needed. My street area in Taipei city lost power on a busy Friday night. Some restaurants lost business for awhile. I have a lot of customers relying on my services and we did run our UPS systems flat. BUt at least I was able to warn people first.

Our buidling emerency generators came on but it’s not enough to power all the equipment in my office.

But bud;
This bunch of wankers are simply proving the point that they are better than the earlier bunch. I know how to save my work, but I had no need to do so so without this bunch of misfits. I could work all day and night with no problem. The issue is, why can a new security firm shut down the electricity in a community without notice? If it’s area wide, no problem. But this was isolated to my building and if security didn’t know about the forthcoming outage, they damn well should have! Isn’t that part of their job?

Well, we moved out of our old place shortly after the new security company took over and I think it was for the best, as the new “cheaper” replacement company was a bunch of useless wankers that didn’t know their knees from their asses. There are good security companies here, but considering that they actually charge more money than the crap ones…
The new place have a fairly average security company, not sure you can even call them that, but at least they seem to know who lives here (ok, I’m not that hard to recognise) and they let your friends in no problem.

This happened to me a while back at my old place and i moved because of it.
They changed firms 3 times in 1 year… not joking, it was a new build and considered quite fancy too.

The deal is this, the building commitee vote on things, they also get bribed for votes, so security companys approach members of said commitee with red envelopes and get the new contract.
These security companys are usually cheaper than the old companys and give a shitty service, hence the bribes.
Its a very common thing here in taiwan, get used to it.

If your landlord owns half the building (like my new one does) get buddy-buddy with him, kiss ass and pay on time and you wont have to worry about ass hole security or annoying neighours ever again.

That’s exactly on target. My owner used to own all the land where this building is and several others. Also, a factory nearby. We are very good friends and this security thing will change. I was supposed to meet with him and his wife tonight but I got called out so I had to cancel. We will meet soon and discuss it. To all, sorry for the earlier rant but I wanted to clobber somebody and ranting was a better alternative. Thx for your tolerance.

A triple negative! The two "not"s cancel each other out, so you’re saying it WILL go unpunished?