Wanna be on TV?

My gf is looking for a mixed couple foreigner + chinese who’s willing to have a discussion about cross culture marriage on TV. Ideally both speaks pretty good chinese…but of course they should find an interpreter :slight_smile:

if you are interested, call 2702-2007 and look for Vicky.

Do you actually have to be married, or will cohabitation do?

Oh I can just imagine the questions…

I’ll do it, but only if I’m allowed to snarl at stupid questions and mock the TV host/hostess until they cry.

If I hear the phrase “Nimen waiguoren” or “Women Zhongguoren” even one time, I’ll probably get violent.

By foreigner and Chinese you mean foreigner and Taiwanese right ?


It’s marriage…POSSLQ doesn’t count…

@Maoman: Ni men Waiguoren can snarl anytime at Wo men Zhongguoren de TV host when Ni men Waiguoren is ready for massive attack :slight_smile:

@Hexuan: What the heck, Taiwanese is Chinese No?


Whatever Ax, but those TV shows ALWAYS have the stupidest questions, and they all seem to begin with “Nimen Waiguoren”. Then somebody makes a stupid remark about how “open” we foreigners are (every foreigner in the whole bloody world, I guess), and the show won’t end without at least a bit of sleazy sexual innuendo. It would be like us asking every Chinese if they had a black belt in the martial arts, or saying “You Chinese sure are inscrutable. And wily.”

I believe that Hex would vehemently disagree with you.

I echo Maoman’s sentiments. Sounds like another vehicle for a bunch of narrow-minded television professionals to further perpetrate the narrow-minded idea that non-Taiwanese are all the same (open, tall, and strong).

I too get really tired of being asked to answer questions on behalf of 5 billion people.

I would be very suprised indeed if a local television program could discuss cross-cultural issues objectively and intelligently.

When, where and how much?

They have found a couple, thanks for all the innuendos :slight_smile:


I agree with Tomas and Maoman. There have been some really stupid offensive programs about waiguoren in Taiwan. I think I read a post on this topic at TAIWANHO.COM, which was interesting up until the point the moderator insisted on going on and on that Lucy Liu and Jackie Chan were victims of racism in the U.S. Strange.

For a more realistic show the producers should find a couple that were divorced over pimarily mixed-culture issues and misunderstandings. Finding a lovey-dovey couple to coo about how things are generally pretty good will fail to reveal some of the real difficulties of cross-cultural marriages.

You can be Chinese but not Taiwanese. In any case, the whole thing will just be another dig at foreigners. Has there ever been anything positive said about foreigners on Taiwanese TV ?

[quote=“amos”]When, where and how much?[/quote] So guests get paid for being on these shows? How much?
Have any of you posters actually been on any TV shows in Taiwan? What is the experience like?


@Hexuan: What the heck, Taiwanese is Chinese No?


What the heck, Canadians are Americans , No?