Wanna watch some NHL hockey?

Here’s a site that uploads hockey games. They are bittorrent files (mostly), so you’ll need to get a bittorrent client. You must register before you gain access to their files.


Where’s the link?

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Oh my god, I’m such an idiot. I was on my way out the door.

Here’s the link:


Has anyone else been using this site?

I’ve been watching every Canucks game lately, it’s GREAT. The games are on in the morning in Taiwan, and then they are ready to download by mid-afternoon. It usually takes a few hours to download, and then I can watch the game that night. Picture quality isn’t too bad, and it looks even better on my TV than it does on the monitor.

I think the site is based in Vancouver, as they have every Canucks game, but there are also some people posting other games as well.

I haven’t used it yet, only because i’ve been using NHL.com

They have a highlights section that shows every single game played and you can check out all the hits, goals, saves, nice and quick. You gotta be quick though, they only post the previous days games, and then they’re gone.