Want a good job dealing drugs?

I was interested to read in the Job thread below that there is a job posting for a “CIA Chinese Media Anal” ( :? ). Anyone who would like more information on the organization might want to start with the following sources:

theatlantic.com/unbound/flas … powers.htm


versobooks.com/books/cdef/c- … eout.shtml



I read the ad but couldn’t find the part where they say that you would have to sell or smuggle drugs. It sounds like a good job to me. If my Chinese was better, I would apply. The one thing I wouldn’t like would be to have to move to D.C.

Not sure how much Chinese the government requires right off the bat – years ago one of those agencies used a story from the “Elementary Chinese Readers Book II” for their “test” – (the one where the PLA soldier carries the bag of grain home for the girl). Hopefully they’ve toughened things up just a little bit since then. :unamused: But for some jobs they’re looking more for willingness and/or aptitude to learn a language, I guess.

Thanks Ironlady. I think I might have said too much already. They are watching me as I type. My coffee pot is making a sightly different kind of brewing noise. Somebody has tampered with it!

OK, so the job description doesn’t explicitly state that you’ll be running drugs. But you wouldn’t expect them to list that in the job description would you? Even Tony Montana needed help carrying his bags of money to the bank in Scarface. Surely those money carriers were guilty of aiding and abetting his crimes. While the CIA’s “China Media Anal” position might not even involve carrying bags of money, you bet you’ll be complicit in their crimes.

In order to be criminally liable for aiding and abetting under US federal law all that’s necessary is for you to be aware that you’re working for an enterprise engaged in illegal activities and to take steps to help that enterprise to succeed. So, you know that the CIA is engaged in drug running, assassinations and a slew of other illegal activities. So long as you do your part to help their business to succeed you can be criminally liable.

Don’t forget Scarface – even Frank got wasted by his best friend just for falling in love with Tony’s sister. And Michele Pfeiffer, what a mess. Remember Tony’s famous line, “Is this it? Is this what it’s all about? Eating, Drinking, Fucking, Sucking, Snorting? Then what? Tell me, then what? . . . Look at that, a junkie. I gotta fucking junkie for a wife. . . I can’t even have a kid wit’er. Her womb is so polluted, I can’t even have a fucking little baby wit’er!”

That’s what drugs will do to you. Even if you don’t get caught, you’re likely to get gunned down in a hail of bullets like Tony. So just don’t do it. Once you take the first step in an illegal enterprise it’s all downhill from there. Remember Tony and Frank and Manny. More importantly, remember Nancy and Just say no to drugs and say no to the CIA.

First you get the drugs. Then you get the money. Then you get the power.

I think the movies have a tendency to exaggerate. Michele Pfeiffer is not really a coke head.

I had this friend once who took drugs. He was American but I don’t think he was working for the CIA. Anyway, he was corrupting the local populace by buying drugs and for that the US government should take part of the blame because they gave him a passport even though I think anyone could tell that he looked like a stoner. So he is like traveling around Thailand and stuff and I think that he was buying drugs not in large amounts mind you but still buying and that was like corrupting local people and police forces because of the money involved and so then it is hard to fight off the corruption because people like him are willing to pay a lot of money to get high and with the money people can use it to bribe police and officials and everything so I think that it is important for people to realize the consequences of getting a passport.

Yes, and your friend was using US dollars to buy the drugs, thus showing another instance of America interfering with the economy of said country.

Actually Fred, drugs don’t bother me all that much (aside from the hypocrisy of the government throwing pot growers in jail for years while doing business with narcoterrorists). But I do find the CIA’s long history of assasination plots, attempts to foment coups in democratic countries and other dirty violations of US and international law and basic human decency to be reprehensible.

thirdworldtraveler.com/Blum/ … sRoll.html



I had a friend in law school who had held a very high-paying job with McDonnel-Douglas, but he quit that job and went to law school because he felt guilty about taking part in the manufacture of weapons that were used to blow people he never even met to pieces. I was very proud of him.

Another friend of mine is a very macho guy and worked as a correctional officer for a while. He liked it at first because he had power and a uniform and he was allowed to beat up prisoners from time to time when they got unruly. But he eventually discovered that in that employment he was like a prisoner too, locked up with loud, crude violent people all day, both the prisoners and the other officers, so he quit that job.

As for me, I used to be a trial lawyer. While in many ways the job was good and exciting, I came to realize that it was my job to make people angry. Angry people came to me wanting me to sue other people and take their money. So I did it, and the more successful I was the more people I made angry by taking their money. Trial lawyers rationalize that they are getting their clients what is entitled to them, but the fact remains that it is a very aggressive, dishonest and unhappy profession. So I quit. I did not want to work at a job whose main effect was to make people angry. I would rather have a job making people happy.

I’m no expert on Buddhism and I know you might not care a whit for it, but anyway, Buddha taught something called the Noble Eightfold Path, basically eight things to strive for in life in an attempt to find personal happiness and fulfillment. The first few steps on the path, Right View, Right Mindfulness, Right Speech, etc, have to do with seeing clearly and not uttering harmful words.

But the seventh step is Right Livelihood. To practice Right Livelihood, one should strive to find ways to earn a living that are personally fulfilling, peaceful, harmonious and promote ideals of love and compassion. With time, many people will grow dissatisfied with jobs that are violent, aggressive or dishonest, even if they pay well. It is generally best to find work that beneficial to humans, animals, plants and the earth, or at least one that is minimally harmful. That is what Right Livelihood is about. One can’t always achieve it one hundred percent, but one can strive for that as part of an overall plan to strive towards compassion and reducing suffering in the world.

I am not saying a “China Media Anal” will kill or torture people, but in my mind the organization employs tactics that are inhumane and unexcusable, so like my friend who quit McDonnell-Douglas, I feel anyone who is considering applying for a job with the CIA, regardless of the position, should think first about the nature of the organization and the tactics it employs.

Protecting my friends, family, and compatriots from invasion by the Yellow Horde is a good thing, I think. If the CIA didn’t require applicants to be below age 37, and if I knew Chinese, I’d apply.