Want a scooter for free?

I have recently come into possesion of my old scooter, which I sold a couple of years ago to a friend. He no longer wants it, but as the bike is in my name, I need to find a way of disposing of it. If you want it and are willing to change the registration papers to your name then you can have it. I will pay any outstanding fines on it, although I think they’ve already been settled. However, it will probably need a few thousand spent on it to make it roadworthy.I was told it would need a new carburettor in order to pass the emissions test. It looks tatty, but is pretty reliable.
Basically, I want to get rid of it legally with as little hassle as possible

I’ll ask the obvious question. Where in Taiwan is the bike?

The bike is in Taipei, near Yenping North Road and Minsheng W Rd.