Want to be a part of new SaaS based startup?



I’m based in Taiwan but from the UK. I am the founder of a SaaS startup called JigoCloud (http://www.jigocloud.com).

The software is a mini-ERP but with more focus on helping companies automate their inventory & cash flow. The software is in both English & Traditional Chinese with plans to add Simplified Chinese in the coming months.

The software’s USP is to allow users to save time invoicing by allowing one click create & send PDF’s to their customers, save time recording expenses by allowing users to snap pictures of receipts on their phones and record expenses on the go, and get paid faster by allowing online payments of invoices and automatic invoice reminders - as well as many other powerful features such as stock control and customer/supplier database.

I am currently in talks with various angel investors about initial seed funding to finance a sales & marketing campaign to drive subscriptions and traction as well as to allow further development. There is also the possibility of applying for the government SBIR grant which I am confident we can get.

I’m looking for a business partner based in Taiwan who can speak fluent Mandarin and English to join the management team as CMO and take this company to the next level.

I’m interested in hearing from entrepreneurs who have a track record of sales and marketing or have a proven history of successful product launches.

This is exciting opportunity for someone to join a tech start-up with huge potential for growth. Do you want to be part of the next Shopline or iChef? Send an email james@jigocloud.com with a brief introduction of yourself and tell me what you can offer!


um … you do know this has been done already?

However, if you can do it better than that (their receipt processing is shit) you might be onto something.


Yeah I’m aware of waveapps. Though I wasn’t aware this was available in Traditional Chinese, unless this has changed since I last reviewed it. I’m focusing on the Taiwanese / Chinese market…in the same way that Shopline competes with Shopify here…Also with JigoCloud, there is more focus on inventory / order management than your traditional accounting platform like waveapps


How is your SaaS business progressing? I run a SaaS healthcare company and in Taiwan till June. Happy to connect.