Want to bring back $199US DVD recorder will I be taxed?

Bought my mom a Pioneer DVR-231 Recorder for $199. The thing works like a dream.

I’d like to take an other one back to Taiwan with me. My question is, would I be stopped at customs, should I even declare it?

If yes to the above, what would I be charged to bring it into the country. Would it make a difference if I took it out of the box and used it, so it would not look new?

A quick answer would be appreciated as tomorrow is my last shopping day. Thanks.

Please don’t talk about region codes and what not. I know what I’m bringing in.

if you hand carry it or check it in as your luggage, you’ll be fine.

if you have it marked to arrive by mail/ship/air AFTER you arrive, you will probably have to pay a small duty(max 1,000NT=35 USD)

if you don’t mark the customs declaration and have it shipped to your taiwan address, expect to pay some ridiculous 1,000NT+ duty


If you will be stopped depends on your luck. If you want to do it right (i.e. legally) you have to declare it.

I dunno what’s the going rate but most likely you will be taxed.

Probably not as the taxation is usually not based on looking new but rather being new, i.e. the date of purchase.
(Portable equipment is often an exception)

I doubt it, in particular if you hand-carry it and the customs officer can see it …