Want to buy SSD from Taiwan

I live in Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur. I was searching for cheap Intel Solid State Discs Wholesaler (Intel X25-M SSD 160GB) online and found this website by chance;


I called them and asked for the price list and got this list;

5 Units of 160GB --> 395USD
5 Units of 80GB --> 197USD

the problem is; one Intel X25-M SSD 160GB costs around 400USD on ebay, amazon or even in my local market. Minimum order quantity is five and here are the e-mails i received from them.

I asked for pictures but they only sent this one;

so i replied and asked these questions;

[quote]1) Can you also send pictures of 160G SSD boxes? (The whole box and
pictures of small boxes seperately please.)
2) Will i get any problems at the Malaysian customs because of this
3) Do these SSD’s have a warranty?
4) Are they original Intel SSD’s?
5) Why is your price so low compared to the market price which is 440~USD
per one unit?
6) Do you want me to pay the whole amount before the shipping?[/quote]

so… do you guys know this company? is it trusted? should i take the deal?..