Want to know about scooter tracks in So. Taipei/Taoyuan

I’m looking to improve my riding skills on my scooter, and I’ve always wanted to take it to the track. I never knew until last week, though, that go-kart tracks were open to scooters. I came across this post by Mordeth:

This sounds great, except for the fact that there isn’t a local anything in Linkou (we just got Carrefour 2 years ago). I’d like some info on locations of scooter-friendly places to ride in Taipei or Taoyuan counties. Mordeth and rk1951 have filled me in on the one at Longtan, but my search didn’t turn up any specific locations for other ones, except for a mention of ‘one in Jhongli’, and of course Jhongli is kind of big.

Any info, web sites, phone #s, or directions would be appreciated. I’m still mystified that I can’t look this up in the phone book.


Would love to take my car for a spin on a track.
Anywhere you can do that in Taiwan?
Don’t think my car will fit ona go-cart track…

See the thread on GAMFA. They alternate cars/bikes in ~30 minute sessions. It’s in Longtan.