Want to move to Dulan area

Currently living in Taipei City and after a recent visit to Dulan, I fell in love with the area. Really wanting to move there. I work for myself online so the income isn’t a problem, but I don’t know anyone and don’t speak very good Mandarin. What’s the best approach to build a life there for someone in my position? I can’t find any place for rent there, or close by everything that comes up is AirBNB, single rooms or hostels (no thanks). Any advice from anyone on here? If this were my home country it doesn’t seem like it would be this hard, but I signed up for this and I’m willing to do what it takes, so I’m not complaining - just a little lost on what to do. Thanks in advance for any advice or help that comes of this.

There are several foreigners living there and one has a B&B.

The best place to meet them should be at the old sugar factory, the craft market.

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Apparently you can rent a room here for 12,000 per month https://m.591.com.tw/show/rent/R5672711?ref=0

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Great find :slight_smile: I forgot to mention that I need my own place as I’ll be with my girlfriend.

Here is a contact maybe they can help you more.

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Maybe rent a room for the month and then ask around

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Good idea!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if dulan_drift is still posting here, try to PM.

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dulan_drift is no longer posting here.

Nonetheless, @TaidongCouncil is our resident…Taidong resident.

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I envy the freedom you have to live anywhere in Taiwan and work from home. That’s awesome. I’ve got the option to go back every year for a month and work from home. I absolutely love it. I’m more productive as I tend to start early so that I can finish early- I wake early and start almost right away in my boxer shorts. I work out often. And then I have time to do something with my family every day.


Just hang out near the sugar factory and you’ll meet most everyone or someone that knows everyone within one weekend. 7/11 after 1am is quite the place. You’ll see all the places people hang out within 10 minutes of walking. Just join in.

Maybe stay at Wagaligong Surf shop restaurant hostel until you get your own place or realize it can get really boring in Dulan and decide not to stay too long.

WaGaLiGong 哇軋力共
959, Taitung County,

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Sent him a message. Thanks! :smiley:

Hey! Thanks for the message. Working online has it’s ups and it’s downs. I’ve done it for over 10 years now while traveling though so my experience hasn’t been as much stable as I imagine most people’s but it’s been rewarding and very exciting :slight_smile: Hey at least you get to work from your PJ’s for a whole month each year that is awesome! I bet a lot of people would envy you. What kind of business are you talking about? Also you said “I got the option to go back every year” where are you these days? Really nice to of met you Marasan!

I’d be happy anywhere around Dulan, just not really in the city. It’s all so lovely there.Actually outside of Dulan would likely be cheaper I imagine. I love the country (I grew up on a farm).

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has replied for being so amazingly helpful. It’s nice to join a group online with a friendly and open culture for once. So many annoying trolls everywhere these days.

By the way, I guess you have transportation done as living in the hills can be challenging without transport. Scooter can work but long ride to the grocery store.

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I work in patent law as a patent agent. I’m in Taipei now. I go back home every two years, but it’s nice having the option to do that every year. And nice meeting you, too! Post here when you get settled in Dulan. I should be heading to Taidong at least two times next year. Maybe we could have a beer.

Absolutely will do!

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Hey there have you found a place already? I live in Dulan and typed this keyword then found this thread. If youre still looking, my neighbor is letting out, $7000 for a town house. Quite in the central though. We’re new as well but welcome. Let me know any we can help.

So, @Tortugachang, what are the positives/negatives you’ve seen to living in Dulan, versus any village up route 11 as far north as Donghe where route 23 comes into the coast?