Want to move to Dulan area

Not sure about the original poster but the wife and I might be interested. Will send you a private message.

PM Sent, interested! :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, i’ll look into it, wish there was a decent English website (links broken btw)

@CTaitung I guess you imagine im a westerner but im a taiwanese moves back from london. So im not sure if my prospectives would be fair. I love it here and am happy to meet ppl from everywhere here. Its (a bit) like a (very small) Bali here. Expats, locals, surf, a lot of small business ppl, a couple of bars… I like it. But my london husband find it boring. So I dont know :p. For me its a best place to live in taiwan :slight_smile:

Enjoy! outside the city, Dulan is one of the more interesting and busy places as far as lifestyle and culture. Other places that are busy tend to be so due to weekend warriors from the city riding bicycles then heading back on Sunday, weekdays in Taitung are quite quite (=relaxing, clean and beautiful)

but for people used to the busy nature of the north and west, Taitung is really quite and slow, so might be good to do a month traveling and staying before moving. at the moment right now, i can see stars, breath decently and not sweat which is hard to say for much of the island. All the reasons i moved from the west side :slight_smile: Dulan is still too busy for me, but the whole county is really nice!