Want to move to Taiwan and work as a Software Engineer

Half the pay of China? That’s pretty hyperbolic. Shanghai can be a payrise sure but it’s not 2x the pay. The US is, but not China, even Tier-1.

Not entirely. I informally and formally interviewed all the designers in and outside my team. This figure while obviously not universal was more common than not. It’s not a hard figure to achieve, junior level talent in Taiwan can commonly make between 25-35k.

25k?! oh jesus I thought it was like 50k. That really is awful.

Say what you will about China but the Tier 1 cities seem to be some of the few places in east Asia that actually value software. Japan has the same attitude Taiwan does.

Taiwan would do well to market itself as a place to set up shop for multinational software companies. It has so many natural advantages over red china, but it’s failing to make use of them.

@nubreed141 Hi! Would you be open to have a quick chat? I might be able to help :slight_smile:

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