Want to rescue a small dog

I planned on rescuing a dog long ago but I finally think I have my finances and my home in order enough to actually start looking. It’s sad that I’ve decided to wait this long because so many animals are dying while I get myself in order. Well, no longer. I’m ready now.

I really would like a smaller dog. Quiet would be nice, since I have neighbors. Stray Dog, have you rescued any such animals recently? Pup or adult are both OK. I’m flexible with the breed and even, more or less, the size. I just want to make sure he or she will be happy in my home, which is quite small.

Thanks to everyone in advance!

First of all, good on you. There are lots of needy animals out there.

Stray and I rescued 4 of the pipe pups in December. Two have been adopted and the other two are in a foster home. They are about 5 months now. They won’t be small though, but mid-size border collie mix. Smart dogs. I also rescued Lucky last month on the east coast. His face was badly injured and he spent a couple days in the hospital. He’s now with BARK in Kaohsiung recovering but he will need a good home soon. He’s an absolute sweety. Even with his cheek all destroyed he was perky and happy. The vet said he was a great patient. Obviously was someone’s dog as he had no problem riding in a car with me all the way from taitung to Kaohsiung. He’s going to be about 20 kilos though when he recovers his weight.

Size is not as important as temperament for an apartment dog as some little dogs can be far more hyper active than larger ones. I’ll let Stray advise you on this. He also has several dogs living with him who need permanent homes.

I appreciate that advice. Another reason is my girlfriend, who is terrified of large dogs.

Well, it has to be a smaller dog then. I’ve emailed Stray to let him know your interest.

I’ve just rescued a dog who would have been perfect for you, a gorgeously sweet and well-behaved, small, female beagle, but we traced her owner, which may or may not be the best thing for her, but what we have to do, of course.

I have a small-medium little lady called Princess who’s currently waiting for her fur to grow back, so you might not be interested in her yet.

I have a gorgeous, female, white bull terrier.

I also have a fantastic, beautiful, well-behaved, female Tibetan Terrier.

And I have several medium-sized dogs.

As Mucha Man said, the size of your apartment isn’t as important as the energy level of your dog (and the amount of exercise the dog would get). If you’d be interested in any of the dogs I’ve mentioned above, please let me know ASAP. I’m just going to sleep, but if you want I’ll post pics tomorrow.



You forgot about the 7 puppies Stray Dog - they will be about medium size when grown up, currently 8 weeks old. Their mom is small/medium size dog.

Sorry - was late at night. One or two of the pups would be perfect!

Where are the pups? How do I get to them?

Here you go: [url]Seven 5 week old puppies need homes (adoption or foster)

They are in Tienmu - you can e-mail me at karienvz@hotmail.com to make further arrengements.

Are you still around ? Still interested in a dog?

I’m interested. My landlord isn’t. Definitely going to be finding a dog-friendly place when my lease is up this summer though… Sorry to be MIA for so long.

Ok:) Hope you find a nice home:)