WANTED: 1bdrm or studio for 6 months or longer

Hello! I’m here in Taiwan studying Mandarin and also working. I’m a Taiwan national coming back from the States with my partner.

Does anyone have any leads on a 1 bedroom or studio that is suitable for two people, preferably close to NTNU? Location is flexible if the apartment space is nicer.

Also preferable to have a small kitchen of some sort as we both enjoy cooking. And room shares are fine too :slight_smile: Would love to have nice roommates as we are both experienced in co-living situations and roommates.

Thanks in advance,

Hey Katherine! Sorry my response won’t be terribly helpful, but I’m also Taiwanese and planning on returning back to learn mandarin. If you and your partner are still looking for housing near the end of February 2021, and you’re open to having a roommate, I’d love to maybe tag on. Let me know!

Hi! Actually we need to move by end of January so timing would not work out. However, would love to meet up when you do come back to learn Mandarin! My class is wrapping up end of February and I highly recommend it.

Hey! Perfect :slight_smile: I’ll reach out once I’m there, fingers crossed, flight is feb 1st!