Wanted: easy hiking, around mountains, no permit, car acces?

Basically I am looking for something family friendly like you find in the European Alps mountains: Go somewhere by car, then have ~ a half day of easy hiking / walking around in nature (not so much climbing, but also not just stairs and roads), with nice views of mountains… Any idea where to find something like that in Taiwan, and in an area where you don’t need to apply for an permit first?

I was browsing through the threads here, and also searching, but didn’t find much useful yet. Any pointers or hints? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Are you asking about high mountains or just any good mountains and trail?

Whatever is available for this kind of access… The Yangminshan area I know pretty well already, so something a bit higher (or at least less popular) would be great. I just like the looks of many higher mountain areas in Europe (rocky), and somehow Yangminshan, while beautiful, feels like green hills compared to that :wink: