Wanted: kids with cellphones for a tv report


I have to find 3 or 4 kids (between 6 ans 13 aprox.) who have their own cellphones, for a TV report (“La Revanche des NerdZ”, ztele.com/emissions/La_revan … index.html, TV show about technologies in Montreal, Canada). I would like to interview them with their parents and/or their teacher, if :?: they have they used to bring them at school (which is prohibited in most schools…).

If you know some, please, let me know at this address: mjboulot@yahoo.ca.

Xie Xie!

Marie :smiley:

Oh God help us… I’d be curious to know why a 6 year old would have a cell phone. Oh waitm stupid me “to make calls!” :unamused:

Good luck to you, I am sure you will find what you are looking for. Just wait outside an elementary school, you’ll find several.

Interestingly enough my cousin’s 9 year old in Japan has a cell phone… they have an over 2 hour bus ride to and from the TAS (Tokyo American School) so the phone is for emergency use only. So far as I know, the kid only uses it for calling home if the bus is late. I am however surprised by the number of teen- agers I see with cell phones, but I have not seen many young kids…

I was teaching a class of 11 to 13 year olds last week when I was asked to define “spoiled”. I replied, “Any child with a cell-phone” knowing that two kids in class had cell phones and use them to call friends. Instead of the usual laughter and teasing of the two, 12 of the 20 students took out cell phones. The other ten have them for emergency use. Had to scramble to redefine “spoiled”.

Out of curiosity, I started surveying my younger classes (7 to 9 years old) and there are always a few kids who do have them. In case of emergency only, they say.

The emergency use and the ability to contact their children directly seem to be the main reasons children are carrying cell phones.

I’m thinking of adopting that policy–emergency and parental contact only–to reduce my bill to a sane level.