Wanted : Scooter luggage rack

Hi again guys : I am looking for a luggage rack that will fit on to the back of my old (99) Kymco 125 scooter. Rather than make one, I’d like to buy it if the cost is reasonable. Any suggestions?
I wont be carrying more than about 10kilos on it.
BR Jerry

Wow, So many Kymco scooters around, and no one makes a rack for the movie ?!?!?
Thats what the local Kymco guy said anyway. :unamused:

OK, plan B :
Does anyone know if there is a scooter junkyard in/around Taipei?
I might be able to find something that fits there, and pick up a few extra pieces my scooter is missing.
BR Jerry

Wow, not a single response; all the bike experts must be out riding lately! Anyway, I had a nice rack made over at DCR. They did a great job, had it done in less than 1 day, and even have a couple folks there that speak English.
BR Jerry

Here’s their link

how does it look like?

Missed this thread - been looking for something similar myself. Thanks for the link! How much did your custom rack cost?

Here is a link for Kymco 3rd and 4th generation Movie 125 luggage rack .
The vender is in New Taipei city. I am not sure the vender can speak English or not.