Wanted! Summer 2022 sublet in Kaoshiung

Hi all,

We’re looking for a summer short term rental sublet from around June 1 to September 1 2022. It looks like this forum here is a bit underused and nothing really happening but I thought I’d give it a shot.

We’re looking for a two bedroom with kitchen and preferably a bath but that is absolutely not a deal breaker because I know its a little rare.

Preferably it would be near an MRT stop and north of downtown say somewhere in between the Kaoshiung Museum of Fine Arts and the Carrefour Ding Shan, 家樂福鼎山店, Aozihidi Park, Kaoshiung Arena.

Or if you had any ideas of where to look that would also be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

Fair lady, you must be mistaken: most Taiwanese apartments come with bathrooms these days.

What aspect do you prefer?

Jesus man, really? A bath, a bath, you know, you lie down in it, useful for bathing kids…yeesh


I’m sorry, which aspect? Not sure what you mean…how big? Yes, I didn’t make that clear, two bedrooms preferably but really it depends…don’t know the ping size exactly but two bedrooms, a living room, and yes, a bathroom, preferably with a bath. Thanks…