<Wanted> Tent Mates

Wanted: “Tent mates for camping”.

-four single males (ok if you don’t know each other)
-must own car/truck (ok if you don’t own but willing to rent)
-must own camping tent (though not absolute requirement)
-must be able to stay awake to drink and talk till 5 AM
-must be humorous
-must be able to party
-must be gentlemen

Metrosexuals need not apply.

Please forward your resume to “ImaniOU” or “914”.

Mods, posted here and not in JOB LISTINGS so enquirers may ask questions that would be of assistance to the rest of the enquiring public.

Cut or uncut?

Doesn’t matter. It’s Forumosa, we won’t be that picky at this point. :wink:

Ps-We’re just posting this as a favor to other Forumosans who are too shy.

Sounds like you’re trying to trick us into prostitution. Where do you want to camp?

If anyone is interested… I know where there’s a bunch of secret waterfalls in Nantao county.

If you want pics, go to www.turkeydinner.tk


So people are asking for guys you camp with and your trying to argue? Who cares if they are trying to trick you into being hoes…you should just sign up and thank your lucky stars!

That said i am looking for 12-14 other single females to share my 2 person tent with me. To apply please send me a PM. :howyoudoin:

Who says they’re… uh…shy (i’ve been bullied)?

Never mind camping … JUST COME TO MY HOUSE :wink:

If you really want the tent feel I can put the mattress on the floor and throw some sheets over the dining room chairs.

Just be male and foreign! Those are my only requirements.

Reminds me of the South Park episode where

Little Jimmy starts “pitching his tent pole” in class, and can’t walk over to the chalkboard. :slight_smile:

I must add one new requirement…because there is a closed list right now, we ask that being on the list of people who are going is a higher priority. We can’t pick applicants who are only on the waiting list unless Maoman is going to be able to bump potential tent mates up as they would already have their own accomodation.

Ahem, Maoman?

[quote]Metrosexuals need not apply.

Damn. I was going to put my name forward.