WANTED: Toddler squeaky shoes

Does anyone have/know where I can buy those obnoxious kids shoes that squeak each time they take a step?

I love those. Used to have them when I was about four years old. Bought my kid a pair of Hello Kitty ones in a neighborhood shoestore in Muzha, Muxin Lu Section 2. Can’t remember the name of this store but it might be a Taiwanese chain or something. You should be able to find these at a market too.

Are you serious? Can I throw your kid evil glances and have my hands up like I’ll strangle them each time they take a walk?


But ok, I’ll help you. They sell them everywhere, even at the night markets. I suggest buying the squeaking ones that come with blinking lights, ubercool. Anywhere (most places) that sells kids shoes will have them!

I could have sworn I replied already…Oh I did

[url]Toddler squeaky shoes

I have been putting together an armed robot which tracks down the source of irritating, repetitive squeaky noises and then fires a taser dart with 10,000 volts. I’ll be taking it for a walk in your neighborhood soon. :smiling_imp:

I have a dog that likes to bite. Probably could train him to hunt down and pop squeaky shoes.

I like the ones with the bells too. :laughing:

Actually, I bought them before she was walking as indoor shoes, to get her motivated to walk. And even if she wore them out, it was at the park or at playgroup with other kids, not in church, a library, or heaven forbid, a Taiwanese bookstore.

[If you knew me in real life, you’d know that I actually try very hard not to shove my kids, or their squeaky shoes and other noisy behaviors, on other people… first, because I just generally try to be considerate of others, and second, they don’t need to be around people who don’t appreciate them. :slight_smile: ]

[quote=“truant”]I could have sworn I replied already…Oh I did


yeah I want to know where the factory is so I can torch the place.[/quote][/quote]

I thought that was pretty funny. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Come on. They are great to send to friends as gag gifts! Thanks for the help!

Yeah, kinda like drumsets, bugles, firecrackers, crazy glue, and other children’s toys. :wink: