Wanted: Unfurnished Big Studio. Anyone?


I’m looking for a big studio, unfurnished in a new building. I care only that there is the kitchen.

Building needs to have gym and swimming pool.

Max 5 - 10 minutes from any Taipei city mrt (no new Taipei City)

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How much is your budget? I have basically the same requirements and wondering what a studio is going to cost in Taipei. I paid 15K last time I was in Taipei and that was without a kitchen.

I want something like a big studio, 15 - 20 pings. With kitchen already there and small balcony with washing machine for laundry.

I need it empty. Better if in a high floor.
Budget 20k - 30k.

591, Facebook groups, or if you’re really desperate, work with an agency.

A unit in a truly new building in Taipei proper with the features and amenities you’re looking for will most likely be above your budget.

You might get lucky in a place like Nangang or Neihu since there’s more development there, but even in those places, larger studio units in new(er) buildings are more likely to be above $30,000.

You don’t want New Taipei City, but frankly you’d have more options within the budget you described. In Taipei, you should be able to find a large studio within your budget but expect old(er) buildings without pools and gyms.

I have seen several people living in Taipei here not wanting to live in NTP, is there a reason for this other than distance?


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Actually Nangang is really my favorite area

Does it have to be Taipei city? If so about double your budget. But in New Taipei City like Danshui in a newish gated community? Then it’s possible.

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Then a quick search of 591 will give you an idea of what’s available within your budget there. :+1:

Everybody has their preferences. The texture of life is definitely different in NTP. One isn’t better than the other, of course. But it’s unfair to say that people who don’t want to live in NTP are snobs.

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Some parts of NTC seem more Taipei-like than parts of Taipei City. I’m thinking of places like central Banqiao or Dapinglin in Xindian—both look sharper than, say, Wanhua and environs.


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There are parts of Taipei City where rent is somewhat reasonable, like wanhua district or Shilin. If you’re willing to compromise then a budget of 20-30k is doable. But if you insist on new buildings, swimming pools and gyms in the building, then aim higher or go to NTC.

20 ping can be gotten for 20-30k easily in Shilin or Wanhua district. None of them have pools or gyms.

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It’s fair :sunglasses:, except some families wants to live in TPC to access certain schools. I’ve also heard people say they would only live in East Taipei, they are snobs as well.

I’d only ever live in Taoyuan.


Yeah, I’m here about the big stud with no baggage?

…ah. Damn. I’ve misread.

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Population density. Housing prices have gotten so high in Taipei city that more and more people have migrated out to New Taipei, even Keelung and Taoyuan. What you end up with is a sparsely populated urban area in the city’s center. Just go to any restaurant in Daan, Zhongshan or Songshan. The ones that are packed during lunchtime are empty during dinnertime, because everyone has gone home to the suburbs. And those who live downtown have all the relatively empty restaurants, shops and parks to themselves.

I think the limiting factor will be the pool so if you use 591 just select Taipei apartments and use 游泳池 as the search term.

Seems there are only a couple in your price range. This one is in a great location:

Maybe you can bargain this guy down a bit. Pool looks amazing.

I guess it’s in the building called w101 or something similar. I checked many years ago one apartament there and I visited the pool upstair. It’s definitely a good view. Thanks for spending a bit of time in the research for me.