WANTED: x1 2013 Sun Moon Lake Swim Ticket

Hey all,
So the Sun Moon Lake Registration period is still running, but I’ve been told registrations are now concluded as they’ve reached their limit (25,000 I think). With that said, does anyone have one or two tickets available because they can’t make it, or they bought more than was needed?

I don’t have a ticket either, and am also hoping to buy one spot in the lake off some unfortunate soul who booked but can’t make it. So if you get access to more spare tickets than you need, please let me know.

Also looking for 2 tickets if anyone can’t make it down. Has anyone been before? would it be possible to register on the day if so many people don’t show up?

Impossible to register on the day. Massive amounts of people show up. Buses are backed up for a long way. I’ve done it twice but never possessed a “ticket”. My understanding is you must be part of a “team”. The team captain registers you by your ID # and the swim officials prepare a swim cap with your bar code in the swim cap. The captain will go to a booth to check in the team and distribute the caps. We then get assigned to a wave and you get corralled by your wave and wait in line and shuffle your way down to the start and when they blow the whistle for your wave, off you go. You probably need to find a team that has a slot and then join them and pretend you are someone in their team. We tried to register in June this year and were denied because it was full.