Wanted: Your Take on a Travel Website on Taichung

Hi everyone,

We all want to hear rosy things about our work, yet in this case, please let me know what is not great, and what could be 5x better.

The website ethos is on exploring the inner workings, landmarks and hidden gems of my city, so the question needs to be if you visited this site, would you want to visit this city. Can this website grab you by the dangly bits and rope you in to spending time on it?

All comments majorly and humbly appreciated. Please post a link for your own site and I’m happy to return the review favor.



I do see you have a report on the origin of Bubble Tea, but don’t put coffee on your website’s main page. Better off using Bubble Tea as your headliner and not coffee, as supposedly it started in Taichung.

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agree. Have milk tea as a cover. I would not go there for coffee (much better cafes in other cities is my feeling)

Congrats to your website!

Takes a lot of work. I know, I run one myself.

First thing I noticed is that there is no menu. It’s easier for people to get an idea of the scope of your information if you have a menu or an overview of some kind. Otherwise it’s random scrolling through lots of pages. It’s important to group stuff and give visitors options for choosing.

I also like what Nick Kembel (www.nickkembel.com) did on his page has. A short self intro about himself on the home page and each post page. That’s very important. People want to know who you are and if they can trust you and your information. Even under About Us you don’t really reveal who you are and why people should use your site.

You probably have a good reason for it, but I feel the images on your posts are way too small. I like big fat in-your-face images. But that’s just me.

Also, I prefer images with people in it. There are almost no feature images with faces in it. People’s faces make content interesting. Buildings are boring. Again, that’s just my preference.

Overall, the information you present is great, but the whole site lacks personality. It feels a bit generic. Maybe that’s the way you want it. But I think it’s important to separate yourself from similar sites by adding personality. I’d start with choosing a more interesting font for the title and maybe design some kind of logo.

Good luck with your site!

No feedback on the feedback? :thinking:

That’s something you should always do, respond!

Well, good luck with that approach. :wink:

Hi there Hannes,

Thanks for the detailed response. I like taiwaneverything.cc. It has a nice layout and is easy to navigate.
I think in sum, there’s a need aesthetically for :

  1. A better navigation menu
  2. Highlight centric slideshow
  3. Larger, more people-centric photos
  4. A more tailored about page

What about functionality? I’m thinking of adding the following…
5. An event calendar section
6. A blog?
7. Social media connection

Thanks again for the feedback. The time to review this is certainly appreciated.


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I did actually reply on Saturday to the initial posts about featuring the Bubble tea on the home page slider but it doesn’t seem to be there now??? :thinking:

I think it’s important to determine what the objective of your site is, then you can make decisions based on that. You have to ask yourself what you want to achieve.

Is it just a passion project and you are willing to share this information without expecting anything in return? Or do you want to profit from it in one way or another?

If it’s the first you can basically do whatever you like with it.

If it’s the second you really have to do your homework and read through all the advice you can find on the Internet and then figure out how to make it work.