Wanting to purchase new mobo/processor... suggestions?

Hi all,

I have been running off my 2.00 pII for some time now and I need to upgrade my motherboard in order to upgrade my video card - my current mobo only allows AGP, it only has 2 SATA drive inputs and well, it’s crusty.

Could I kindly ask what peoples suggestions would be, within a reasonable budget?

I have 250+120g sata drives but would like to add one more.
I have 1gb RAM already. Wouldnt mind an extra space to stick some more in.
I use it for games and as a media centre.



Ok, how much cash do you have to put into this project?
I can give you recommendations, but I really need to have a rough idea on how much you’re willing to spend.
If you have enough, I’d get a Core 2 Duo processor, a 965 or 975 based motherboard, as the new nVidia chipset seems to have too many teething issues right now, a 8800GTS graphcis card and 2GB of decent speed DDR2 RAM.

What kind of ram do you have (SDI or SDII ). All newer MoBo’s need SDII, even AMD switched to it.

LostSwede got it right, I really like the looks of the Core 2 Duo 6600, lots of power for games, ripping and encoding. Right now, Intel definitely has the upper hand over AMD.

Chicken is right, you will need DDR2 memory, I would recommend 2GB of RAM.

If you follow lostswede’s advice, you will also need a beefy power supply. 500w should be ok, look for a good manufacturer like Silverstone or Enermax.

Regarding motherboards, the nVidia 680 initially had some problems. The nVidia 650 has just been released, it is much cheaper than the 680, has wicked speed, and will give you at least 6 SATA ports.

Arg. I was mixing up even older memory. At least Jianadaren2006 figured out what I wanted to say. DDRII.

So. I would sugest looking at a new computer and only saving the better parts. Your harddrives can be put in as extras or made into externals. Whats your budget for upgrades?