War protesters arrested near Bush ranch

I don’t want to get into an argument about Cindy Sheehan or the anti-war protesters in this thread. What I’d like to discuss though is the merits of the ban on roadside camping and parking. From the little I have read someone sympathetic to the protesters allowed the them to use his lot to stage their protest. Now the local commissioners passed the ban citing safety and traffic issues. It seems to me this ban is solely intended to frustrate their protest. Since Americans have the right to assemble peaceably and I don’t recall these people causing any trouble, isn’t this ban unreasonable? If there are issues about where the protesters are, shouldn’t everyone work together to find an agreeable solution? I really can’t believe there are traffic issues in Crawford, Texas. Also, what are the safety concerns?

Well, this is of course targeted at the protesters, but I don’t think it goes beyond the commissioners power to regulate. As for safety issues, I haven’t seen exactly what the protesters are doing, but it isn’t hard to make a case for the idea that having a bunch of people camping near a small town highway is a safety concern. For one, drivers don’t expect to see pedestrians out there. Two, if a driver gets drowsy and veers off the road there’s a good chance of hitting someonet. Three, you don’t want a situation where protestoers are distracting or harassing drivers. I’m not saying that is in fact going on. That’s all just off the top of my head, so I’m sure the commissioners could come up with a lot more if they needed to.

Their 15 minutes are long gone.

I recall a reporter quoting one of the protesters claiming they were benefitting the local economy – well, now they can further benefit it by staying in a motel or renting a KOA campground spot. :stuck_out_tongue: