Are there any Warhammer players on the island? :shock:

I am interested in organizing a gaming event if there are enough of…or indeed ANY of us out there…


What about D&D groups… especially Taichung-based

Sorry daryl,

Just AD&D here. :smiling_imp: It’s been ages, but I played regularly for almost a decade. I miss it, but it’s too much of a time commitment. I think in '98 I sat in on a game some Taida students were playing, but it was so odd how they played.

Used to be a huge Necromundo fan/player…but that whole game went under…then I tried out Gorka-Morka (I think that’s what it was called), back in the day…but never really got into it. I would’ve liked to have gotten into 40K, but there was never anyone to play with, so I didnt. I just stick to Magic: The Gathering…even though I havent bought cards in like 5 years. But, regardless…I’m not even on the island yet…will be in about 2 months though.

Durin’s Bane should be along any moment… Hey DB! Somebody mentioned Warhammer! (He’s into Warhammer, you see.)

Also, for general gaming needs, I have a web page about gaming in Taiwan that should fit the bill nicely. Lots of resources and possible contacts there. I also run an e-mail list for gamers in Taiwan, though it hasn’t been very active lately. I’ve got my own RPG campaign going on, and I know there are others around. There are also Heroclix players in Taibei and people who regularly play German boardgames.

Hope this helps.

I play a lot of AD&D. I have a room set up that houses our gaming collection. Lots of pro-painted minis, a complete village with complementary terrain, a castle, and probably one of the largest collection of Dwarvenforge stuff anywhere (and it’s gonna get bigger when I go back to the States and pick up the Cavernous Passage set (or maybe three)…happy…oh, so very happy!) And of course, a complete collection of Black Sabbath…gotta have the music to set the tone.

If you are ever in Kaohsiung and are interested in this kind of stuff let me know and I can show you the goodies (give me a bit of warning so I can clean up last session’s beer cans and Jim Beam bottles :? )

We haven’t been playing so much as of late and I think it might be time to get some fresh blood in the group. If you are in Kaohsiung, let me know if you are interested and we can sit down and talk. The most important thing we are looking for in a new member is harmony.

Oh my goodness RachelK,

I just checked out your website and saw that Golden Golem place in Kaohsiung…never heard of it and it is right down the street! Going right now to see how much of my kids’ inheritance I can flitter away. Will let you know if the place is any good.

The Golden Golem is no more…

Really? They didn’t just move or something? Hmph, that’s what I get for using the Internet as my source of information… Please confirm that they haven’t just moved, and then I’ll take Golden Golem off my page. :frowning:


Yep, they are gone. I found a cell phone number on their web page and called it. The guy who answered said they closed down.

When are we going to get an honest-to-goodness TRPG shop in Taiwan?

That’s too bad about Golden Golem. :frowning:

Silex isn’t a dedicated RPG store, but it’s got at least as good a selection as some of the comic stores or other non-specialized stores in the US have. So there’s that. And Magic Zone has a good selection of other kinds of gaming stuff. And then there’s the flea market that sells gaming dice for something like NT$5 each… There isn’t a huge selection, but there’s something, at least. 'Course, there doesn’t seem to be anything outside of Taibei City, now. Too bad. Maybe once your school is more settled, DB, you can start a gaming store in Gaoxiong. :slight_smile:

Actually, I have been playing with the idea of opening up a TRPG store in Kaohsiung. Won’t make any money but it would be a lot of fun. It would also be good to show folks here that REAL gaming is not CRPG.

One problem I have to solve is moving the gaming HQ closer to my house. I am going to look at an apartment today within walking distance of where I live. We use a room at one of the schools but we are going to need that room for a classroom next year and so I need to find a new place.

I am going back to the States next week and have a whole lot of stuff to pick up. A couple carrying cases for minis, the new Cavernous Passage Set from Dwarven Forge and some misc pieces (can never have too many doors and floor tiles!), and two beautiful dragon minis. When I get set up in my new digs, I will post some pictures. (Though I should ask my boss, Maoman, if I can just post a few pictures here.)

If there are enough folks interested, we (Michael Cheng and I) would be interested in restarting both the Taipei Roleplayers (tRPG) and the Taipei Interactive Theatre Society (LARPS) groups - see both entries on my pages at phillips.personal.nccu.edu.tw/index.html

We haven’t had a theatre style game in a long while (other than the one-off every once in awhile with students at the university) but if there are enough folks with a real interest in participating (not just hangers-on), I’d love to host and run some more. We’d pretty much put the table top stuff aside for a loooooonnnnggg while in favor of live freeforming but recently picked the AD&D books up again as our kids (ages nine and ten) have been bitten by the RPG bug, somethine we’re more than a whole lot keen to encourage.

BTW, Rachel, you have a link to Scot Hoover’s excellent pages . . . he used to be in my group and he’s a lot of great ideas . . . no longer in Taiwan, last I heard he was in Vietnam celebrating the birth of a baby . . . if he’s back, let us know or say howdy for us.

I will join a decent AD&D campaign any day. I played for about a decade and was privileged enough to have a TSR old-timer as my DM. He was an excellent DM. He was generous with treasure and magical items and always able to entertain new ideas and reward accordingly. That’s what made his campaign fun.
It really pains me to see amateur players who don’t even understand how to play their alignment. Valuable fun time is lost arguing over silly stuff like a Lawful Neutral character constantly manipulating other characters or a Neutral Good character with numerous moral failings.
It also pains me to see a control freak DM who is not officiating a campaign, but is really just toying with the players. There are so many ways to screw up a campaign, but there is only one way to get it right: assure everyone is having fun with the challenges put before the PCs and the milieu in general.
Maybe it is time for me to start my own campaign. I’d love to give DMing a spin.

I was interested in AD&D games five years ago, but it’s somehow too difficult to find guys to play with. Hence I played MtG(many ppl here play MtG).
If someone in Taichung searching for people playing AD&D, I’m in. But you need to teach me how to play first.

I agree.

Just give my halfling barbarian a cave complex to loot and lots of bad guys to bash and I’m a happy hobbit. :smiley:

If you are interested in low cost minis, I picked up some pre-painted minis from Wizards of the Coast. You don’t get to pick individual minis per say (randomly boxed but you are guaranteed at least one “unique” in every box). They also come with info cards that have all the stats. I got a lot of fodder and one pretty nice earth elemental.

So, if you are looking to use minis but don’t want to throw down big money, these boxed sets are the way to go.

I’ll see if I can’t post a picture of my Christmas present to me. A beautiful, large, pro-painted red dragon. I can’t wait to whip that bad boy out on those stupid PCs. :smiling_imp:

Brian, thanks for the news about Scot. My page has now been updated.

If you folks want to get together a game, I’m always up for something. I have an SF RPG campaign that’s ongoing but kind of on hiatus (hi, Andrew!). I could certainly add players to that. Or maybe a quick Traveller adventure. Or even just meeting on a Sunday to play Battlemist sometime. I’m up for a lot of things.

On the other hand, I’m probably going to leave Taiwan in a couple months. Hmph.

[quote]I agree.

Just give my halfling barbarian a cave complex to loot and lots of bad guys to bash and I’m a happy hobbit. :smiley:[/quote]

Chaotic Good :sunglasses:

[quote=“Quirky”][quote]I agree.

Just give my halfling barbarian a cave complex to loot and lots of bad guys to bash and I’m a happy hobbit. :smiley:[/quote]

Chaotic Good 8-)[/quote]

Well, Hubert is Chaotic but I’m not sure it is Good.

Perhaps Chaotic Randy? :laughing:

Any of you guys play Neverwinternights online? In a campaign setting it can really be a great amount of fun to RPG with the digital world and your comrades. A lot of people too shy for LARPS or to shy to really get into character in a PnP environment(me) shine through the keyboard. The only drawback is setting up a time to play each week. In the states, I always found games on neverwinterconnections.com, but I’ll be arriving in Taipei soon and will have to look for campaigns in a totally different timeslot than I currently play in. Maybe connections will work, but anyway, I have dropped all of my campaigns as of late, and would love to play with some locals when I get set up in Taibei.

See you gamers soon.

BTW: Durin, I’d love to see your setup some time. It sounds awesome.