Warmachine - Kaohsiung

Yeah, I’ve definitely got some competition with the Warhammer thread on page 9 by now, but heck, I favour the underdog.

First off, this isn’t a Warmachine V.S. Warhammer thing. It’s a different miniatures game that simply gives you another option.

I’m going to be starting a Warmachine club in Kaohsiung soon, as soon as I can organise decent premises. Of course ALL games are welcome WH, 40k, MK, Roleplaying, MTG, whatever, but it will focus on Warmachine and if I can get enough people, tournaments and prizes will be forthcoming.

It’s aimed at both locals and foreigners, but I’m hoping I can get some people that are fairly bi-lingual to help out, as my Chinese suketh beyond reason.

As for Warmachine. It’s a tabletop miniatures wargame as you may have gathered. Getting into it is pretty cheap, costing you around NT$ 1000 for a starter box containing a Warcaster (combination Hero, Fighter, mage, Leader and all round badass), and 2 - 4 Warjacks. Warjacks being large, steam and magic powered bipedal machines of destruction.

Your Warcaster can split his magic between boosting his Warjacks, making them faster, hit harder, make special attacks like throws and slams, and between casting various spells.

A rulebook is not required as a copy of the quickstart rules comes in the box, along with stat cards for each unit, which, when laminated also allow you to mark damage on them with dry-erase pens.

That’s the long and the short of it. Anyone who is interested in a demo game, please PM me, or mail me on ‘tarislar AT gmail.com’ and I’ll be happy to set something up for you.

We currently have 2 players in this area and we’d love to have other people to play against. We have extra sets of models as well, so you can try out the game first too. 3, 4 OR even 6 player games are viable.

Lastly, George from Minimenshop in Taipei has kindly allowed me to run demos at the Warhammer tourney on the 6th and 7th in Taipei, so if you’re in the area, drop in for a few minutes for a ‘Full-metal beatdown’.

As the Warmachine moto goes, ‘Play like you’ve got a pair!’.