Warning about flying back to Canada now (May 2021)

Also: how do you know some airlines are refusing to allow those without a reservation to board?

So you planned ahead of time to present yourself in Toronto as someone who could not pay?
You must have bought your ticket to Saskatoon while in Toronto? (How would you know how long it would be to get the result and be released).

You must have been nervous, knowing there was a chance the airline would not allow you to board.

Yes, I was really anxious about the trip. There were so many unknowns before I got on the plane. However, it worked out. I am not young - late middle age, I guess. I had resigned myself to paying for the hotel quarantine, even though I am unemployed because of covid and have no money, but fortunately I was sent to the free facility. There were two others at the desk in the airport where they discuss your hotel stay (that I could hear): one was sent to the free facility even though he did not say he couldn’t afford to pay, but because he did not have an acceptable quarantine plan (his wife was a nurse and they wouldn’tlet him quarantinewith her). The other was a woman with two or three small children. She told them she couldn’t afford the hotel, but they eventually wore her down and convinced her to go to one.
I follow a group on Facebook where the hotel quarantine is discussed, and several people on there have reported they weren’t allowed to board without a hotel reservation. It seems to depend on the airline, and the agent. Others have reported they were allowed to board without a reservation, or were allowed to after arguing about it. I was able to board without one.
It is very easy to rebook your flight now. The airlines know you have to do the hotel quarantine, so will book your flight to reflect that. Then, you can change your domestic flight once you know when you will get out of the hotel. There was no change fee.

That is to say, I had a ticket from Lagos - London - Toronto - Regina - Saskatoon, purchased before the hotel quarantine was required. The airline (Air Canada) emailed me with a change, showing a three-day layover in Toronto. Then, when I knew I would be in Toronto for 5 days, I phoned the airline and changed my flights.

Wow free quarantine sounds more like like it if it is mandated upon arrival how does it work with a canadian citizen with a taiwanese spouse?

can one fly into vancouver, transfer to the city they have a house (not leaving the airport)? Or still must leave the airport, enter vancouver and quarantine, then back to airport and fly to city where they live and quarantine at home?

You have to leave the airport in Vancouver and go to the quarantine hotel. One you get your test results, if negative, you can fly to your destination and finish the 14-day quarantine there. If your spouse is allowed to travel to Canada, they will have to go to the three-day hotel quarantine with you.


Great thanks. Is the spouse allowed to stay with you? I know some people that travelled back here and were forced to pay 2 hotel fees back in 2020. Seemed a bit much for a married couple.

What were the quarantine rules for the 11 days after?

I think you finished your 11 days at home.

So basically you were only allowed to leave the house for essential reasons (like buying food) during this time?

Your spouse is allowed to stay with you in the same hotel room.

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After the hotel stay, you finish the 14-day quarantine at home or in some other suitable place. It is 14 days total, so if the hotel stay was three days, it will be 11 more days. Many people are getting out of the hotel quarantine after only one or two days, though.
Anyway, the rules are you can’t leave your quarantine place at all, except for necessary medical treatment. You have to order food and groceries to be delivered. People can drop things off, but they can’t come in and it has to be contactless delivery. The officials at the airport asked me how I would get food and medicine when they were discussing my quarantine plan.


It looks like the three-day mandatory quarantine at a government-approved hotel might come to an end. That would make things a bit easier.


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Seems around the same price as some quarantine hotels in Taipei, but how’s the food?

Some places, terrible. Others, fine. It seems that some quarantine hotels have stepped up their game and the food is OK now.

Its 100k nt to stay at the hotel in taipei now? Yimes, when we had friends doing it last year it was 2 to 3k a night…

I stayed at Beitou Aloft last year, it was around 7.5k a night. There’s another one called Han’s house that’s close to 10k a night. I think 3k was the cheapest hotel in Taipei at that time but everything in Taipei was fully booked.

Maybe things are more affordable now. There’s also government quarantine facilities that’s much cheaper (maybe 2k a night)

Holy smokes, had no idea!

I think you may have mentioned that there is a Facebook group for this.

Please provide the link to the group.

The group is called:
Canada GAA Hotel Quarantine

The Canadian hotel quarantine regulations are likely to change in a few weeks for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, if they’re fully vaccinated.

So yesterday I had this one piece of good news about the now-faint hopes of visiting Canada this summer. But, it looks like Taiwan’s AZ that would go to second doses for those who got first doses has been delayed until … July? August? Things thus remain in a balanced state of “Ah, crap.”

I am planning to go back to Canada on July 14th. Because of that, I am hoping that the 3-day hotel stay gets abolished. That is on trial in the Canadian Federal court right now.