Warning about flying back to Canada now (May 2021)

It looks like the three-day mandatory quarantine at a government-approved hotel might come to an end. That would make things a bit easier.


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Seems around the same price as some quarantine hotels in Taipei, but how’s the food?

Some places, terrible. Others, fine. It seems that some quarantine hotels have stepped up their game and the food is OK now.

Its 100k nt to stay at the hotel in taipei now? Yimes, when we had friends doing it last year it was 2 to 3k a night…

I stayed at Beitou Aloft last year, it was around 7.5k a night. There’s another one called Han’s house that’s close to 10k a night. I think 3k was the cheapest hotel in Taipei at that time but everything in Taipei was fully booked.

Maybe things are more affordable now. There’s also government quarantine facilities that’s much cheaper (maybe 2k a night)

Holy smokes, had no idea!

I think you may have mentioned that there is a Facebook group for this.

Please provide the link to the group.

The group is called:
Canada GAA Hotel Quarantine

The Canadian hotel quarantine regulations are likely to change in a few weeks for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, if they’re fully vaccinated.

So yesterday I had this one piece of good news about the now-faint hopes of visiting Canada this summer. But, it looks like Taiwan’s AZ that would go to second doses for those who got first doses has been delayed until … July? August? Things thus remain in a balanced state of “Ah, crap.”

I am planning to go back to Canada on July 14th. Because of that, I am hoping that the 3-day hotel stay gets abolished. That is on trial in the Canadian Federal court right now.