WARNING: APRC Applications Now Require Appointments...in Level 2

I just sent out for my APRC. It turns out during level 2, at least in New Taipei, you need to make an appointment. The website doesn’t reflect this because, I was told, it’s temporary until level 2 ends. I’m letting you guys know so you don’t waste a day off if you need an APRC.

While I was annoyed, fortunately they were graceful and helpful. They did let me submit mine.


Oh, but it’s so convenient getting there from Danshui! This would surely have been no hassle at all for you!

Thanks - helpful info.


I don’t know if this is a nationwide policy. My gut wants to tell me yes.

i applied for mine (in Taipei) during level 3 and there was no need for appointment. but they did say that the processing time is ~10 weeks.


Congrats Marco on filing your application! This is—despite the Level 2 appointment switch up—really great news.



Geezus christ.

Mine was told 4 weeks.

An appointment was always required for an APRC application, the so called “interview” part.

They wanted an appointment to simply submit the application.

That’s the “interview”! It was always a requirement, search on this forum or the web. You could get away without it if the office wasn’t busy but you are supposed to make an appointment. There should be a special window for APRC applications so you don’t need to take a number, just turn up at your appointed time and let the front desk know you are there. I did one before “lockdown” this year for my daughter in NTC and was told to make an appointment, same for my own some years ago.



Their site makes no mention.

This is obviously a failure on their part.

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I don’t recall making an appointment for my application, but it was a long time ago.

One of many! Don’t expect anyone to be there waiting when you arrive at your appointment time either…


I had to make an appointment to submit my application too.
They got my documents, asked some questions, explained the process and characteristics of the APRC and told me when to go back to get the card.
All with an smile in their faces!
I can’t complain. :smiley:

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Weird thing was. Personnel there told me that requiring appointments was a new and temporary thing.


The Xinbei NIA doesn’t get stacks of happy face reviews, does it.

The Taipei City folks I’ve dealt with have always been very professional and courteous. Then again I have not dealt with them during the pandemic.


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APRC Application Procedures (Official Checklist) - Legal / Visa & Residency - Forumosa

9. Setup an appointment with an agent to turn everything in.
I know some people have just walked into the NIA and taken a number instead of making an appointment, but that is not the way to do it. Call your agent and make an appointment. They are not always there (they do take vacations), plus who wants to sit and wait in line.
The agent in Taoyuan at the time of writing this was Vivian Tseng. She doesn’t take shit and her English isn’t that good. It is a major plus if you can speak Chinese when dealing with her but not necessary. Her number is 033310409 ext 121. She sits at the back of the office and you don’t need to wait or take a number to speak to her unless she is busy with someone else. At the time of writing this, she was the only agent in charge of dealing with APRC applicants in Taoyuan. Don’t get on her bad side, because she is all you got!!

From 2009!

And 2007! APRC Interview - Legal / Visa & Residency - Forumosa

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I thought agent is someome you ask to do the app for you.

Plus. It also says you need a fingerprint.

“Just walk up with your receipt and tell them you are applying for an APRC and need to do fingerprints for the FBI.

Looks like the guy needed a criminal background check.

forgive my scepticism in reading 12 year old info. I clearly made the mistake following the official NIA site.

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One strategy I’d adopt in the future is to call ahead before making the journey.

I think this might be an especially good idea during pandemic restrictions.