If anyone knows Person #1, Person#2, or Person #3, or, for that matter, Person #4, please let them know the following:

I’m an administrator at the LTTC. Today, I received a call from an individual who wished to remain anonymous.

He claimed to be able to get his hands on proof that the people mentioned above were working illegally at the LTTC. I thought that was rather funny, as I have been there for 14 years and have never met these people.

However, it was clear to me that this man was on a mission. He said he had mentioned it to the supervisor at his school (where he seems to work with these people) and was hell-bent on proving that these people were working at LTTC in violation of their visas, which were sponsored by the place where he and they are currently working.

He also claimed to have overheard them discussing their classes at the LTTC and that he had filed taxes for Person #4, and in the process, had seen a tax receipt from the LTTC (also impossible, as they have never worked there.) It was the record of tax receipts that he clearly wished to follow to prove that they were working for us, despite my assurances that I had never heard of them and that the only way this was possible was if the people mentioned above had false passports.

He also claimed that his supervisor had visited our school and seen three of their teachers working with us.

So the warning is this: Someone you work with is looking to set you up; or if it isn’t you they’re trying to set up, it is the LTTC (but who knows why?).

This individual was clearly an ROC citizen, even though his English was excellent. His accent, while slight, was clearly a Chinese accent. When I acknowledged his desire to remain anonymous and asked him for an alias, he suggested “Lin”.

That’s all the information I have at this time.


I have made this a “Sticky” post (don’t ask me how…you don’t want to know :astonished: ) because these people need to know that somebody is out to rat-f@@k them.

[color=red]If you know any of these individuals point them to this thread.[/color]

Can someone please let IamniOU or I know that the above mentioned individuals have been notified of this thread so that we may unsticky the sticky.


Have you had any troubles with any of your competitors lately? Could these threats be aimed at your organization?

How bizarre. So he’s telling you who your own staff are? He was probably mad. I mean really. Unhinged. If he’s trying to fit them up surely he would be making these calls to the fuzz.

I agree. This is why I believe the “threats” might be aimed at the school in question.

Anyways, please get the word out if you know these people. Please also let ImaniOU or I know that the right people have received the message.

I’m thinking the same thing. Revenge is a way of life here, and can be particularly malignant in the case of competing buxibans.

Is this post somehow connected to the CHina Post story today back page, that says Mayor Ma intends to crack down on English and Japanese teachers who are teaching illegally in Taipei? The story is not online, but it was in the print edition today. Some City council politician complained that 2000 jobs are being lost to Taiwanese nationsl because of these illegal workers…


That article did, in fact, occur to me. Who knows?

Thanks, all, for the support. I wasn’t sure if I could post names here, or if this message would be accepted, or whatever. As you can see, I’m more of a lurker or newbie here at Forumosa.

And if they get the news, do let us know!

I have been informed that the parties mentioned in the OP have been made aware of this situation. Therefore, this thread no longer warrants a sticky label.

We would like to thank Ringman for the heads up about what was going on.

Best wishes to the parties involved.

I think (the PM was almost incoherent) I have been asked by one of the parties mentioned to delete this thread. We do not delete threads but I have edited out the names.

Our apologies to Ringman for editing his post and we hope for his understanding in this.

No apology necessary for editing it. I felt uncomfortable putting names up here anyway.

One of the people called me on the phone. It appears they know who the person who’s out to get them is.

I wish them all well myself.